Show Nat Type and Region/Worldwide Players

Doubt it would be a option for gears 4 at this point but i’m going back to Gears 3 and Judgement again where when you cued for a game as you hovered over the game type you wished it showed if your NAT type was Open (Green) Moderate (Yellow) Strict (Red) but it also showed how many players were active in that game mode in your region and worldwide.

I feel like this could help greatly with showing you if your internet is kinda wacky at that time or showing which game types are most populated at that time.

Also in Ranked matches could you possibly show the opposite players names instead of Player Found? I haven’t seen any reason why it is that way but i feel like its unneeded since you are shown their names a few minutes after when and if you get in game.

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Imagine if two Diamond players saw they were on opposite teams and didn’t want to fight or play against eachother, that might seem fishy if anyone recognises someone in opposite team and backs out. But at the moment, if they back out when lobby created, they should get penalty.

I don’t see why not have NAT type visible, and how many players in region and world wide.

Yeah I could see that but I would hope if they did that it wouldn’t show ranks. But then again you could just see the name or the emblem. My main focus is to why the names are blocked out.

Ektope said exactly why you can’t see the opposing team’s names. But you do have a good idea. I’ve always wondered why they didn’t carry over the numbers of games in region and like info also. And yes, this needs to come back in Gears 5.

I agree,

It would help people diagnose any matchmaking issues due to NAT.

I guess i’m not seeing it lol. I had thrown that in at the last minute before i made the post but if it wouldn’t be a good idea then i guess scrap it for now.