Shoutout to TC- 15C

As much as I like giving TC ■■■■ Gears 5 remains the best Gears by far.

DLC is great, Scorpio is best squad.

“A good day. Everyone survives.”


Not everyone my friend. TC added a part that had something in it, and now its breaking Gears 5. Crash’s are happening, Frozen Screens are happening, and most spooky of all “A Black Screen of Death”.

Huh, worst I’ve noticed so far is cheevos not tracking / unlocking.

Don’t worry, we found the problem. TC i trying to fix it rn. Why Gears 5 is Breaking (Big Thanks To TBS Nikolai)

Nice DLC…completed it in 2 player local coop mode…faced 0 bugs

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Does it follow the comic closely or expand on it in a large way ?

I ask since I really enjoyed the comic of Hive Busters, got me playing escape a ton at launch.

Didnt read comic :flushed: . Sad that this dlc released now when support for Escape mode seems to be going downhill

Not exactly, it’s an alternative take on the Venom-origin.

Has anyone found Macs 1st upgrade yet? I’ve searched left and right and apparently I’m legally blind.

Don’t know if you’ve found it yet, but it’s actually in a room which you have to backtrack for slightly in Sanctum. It’s a door which Mac has to put power back to, but the power source is slightly further ahead and also powers up a different door that gives access to a collectible. It’s not far from the entrance so not difficult to find. Or at least it shouldn’t be. I don’t remember any other ultimate pickups for Mac before then and got the achievement for finding all of the ultimate ability upgrades.

The only bug I encountered is the person I was playing coop with coming down at the same time as I(playing Keegan) came down the path where I’m to see Lahni but due to him showing up as Mac then, it bugged out, just required a checkpoint reset to fix.

Generally thought it was pretty damn good, although a slight meh was not getting to blow the hell out of the Swarm hive in Sanctum before ending it all. Would’ve properly felt like tying up loose ends to also do that in the game after Mac decided to call it a bust before even getting to the heart. Could’ve made/make for a more interesting way to introduce the whole concept of Escape but eh.

I do hope the Wataaku(or is it Wakaatu? I keep forgetting where the k and t are placed) ended up making a recovery to go back to its Swarm killing business though. Wasn’t sure if I trusted the hints about it enough as it looked kinda vulnerable to the Swarm there.

Also, can we talk about how Sanctum was twice as interesting if not more not just from a gameplay standpoint but also visually than the normal Escape hives? I thought the whole thing was pretty neat in how it was designed. The only thing I didn’t like so much is not getting to see the lower levels of it where environmental hazards would have been more extreme as hinted at by collectibles.

Also, a slight bug I noticed, when I marked an Incendiary Grenade on the ground, a “Cryo Grenade” marker showed above it. Wonder about that how you want.

Haha# I’ve got a finish dlc in 3 players coop Achievement for finishing chapter 1, solo. LOL.

Also I’m missing one story achievement, but I’ve finished DLC.