Shouldnt be punished for quitting a ranked match if 2 players have already quit

Had a ranked match tonight where a player team quit literally less than a minute into the match. As the 1st match was ending another player quit. At that point its 3-5. Its no fun just getting your brains beat in. You cant do much of anything. Try to push you get destroyed. Blah blah blah. Their has got to be a fair way to let the other players ditch and move on. Give the other team the win. Let the points stand where they are. Or give me no points. But to make a. Player stick around and keep playing is just bunk. Shouldnt be assessed any penalty for quitting after even 1 player quits. The initial quitter should take the hit. No one else.

Another thing I dont understand…the player that quit a minute in was playing a ranked match 7 minutes after quitting. How?

Because the menu to leave is always there now. So all you lose is Gp and nothing else.