Should the other side characters get abilities for horde and escape?

So am i the only one who thinks the characters, like the UIR soldiers or Dom, or even Benjamin, Anthony or Gary, should get perks and abilities for horde an such? Its crossed my mind lately that they could get such awsome abilities like the UIR soldiers could get what i call “Rally” where they have an AOE around them that boosts teammates’ Damage and Movement Speed, or have Gary get an ability i call “Speed Demon” he moves extremely fast and takes 50% less damage whilst moving if he runs into an enemy it knocks them onto the ground so they have to get up and recover from the hit, i mean i have a lot of ideas for this game i just wish that i could get them out and possibly get them in the game

They won’t get unique abilities, TC will separate classes from characters in Operation 5. They may do skillsets that any character uses that are inspired by what cpuld have fitted a specific character but it won’t be tied to one(Jack may remain an exception to this, possibly Cole too).