Should the Hammerburst return as a loadout weapon?

Gears 2,3 and the beginning of for had this. It was pretty cool having that variety, but I understand in 4 how they just couldn’t balance it right and took it away. Ya’ll think they should bring it back with the current active reload (no damage boost for loadout weapons)? The hammerburst seems pretty unused now

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YES! I always went HB over Lancer


I would say…no imo.

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Yes please


I say no because it was always op


In the newer games and maybe 3. But T.C. should’ve just nerfed the damn thing instead of removing it


For the record I’ve made tons of posts on this and I’ve been salty as hell since they removed it from G4’s loadout. I’m alll for a non OP Hammerburst return. It would have to be balanced.

I would def swap between both weapons tho. I don’t see myself limiting myself to just the hammerburst.


No, it should not,

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Yes. Or at the very least add it to more maps as a pick up.


It would need a serious nerd. I pick it up on the allfathers arena all the time and it downs people quick. It was basically all i used in 3

Tc already commented that it probably won’t ever happen again due to difficulties in balancing. That being said, its a good pickup along with the retro and enforcer because they have active reload capabilities.

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Yes in Horde

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Single fire GoW2 style <3 yes.

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I want the semi auto back , why create al these version of we can’t u as them. In gears2 I liked flanking people more with the hammy then the shotgun, at very least put in to more maps. I like this variation a lot not as much as the original but it’s still deals well when someone is rushing. I miss my hammy​:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

I would re-install this game for the 3rd time if they did and possibly even continue playing it hahaha.
Give me that gears 2 hammy again and I will be happy.

If they could balance it right I’d be cool with having it back in the loadouts again like the classic Gears games. (Just nostalgia, I know) It’s wild to me that they kept the Enforcer as a loadout weapon in Gears 4

Totally agree with you,

Yep and the retro or enforcer, it’s fun being able to change. Tc just gotta learn to balance

The Hammerburst has been my favoured weapon since Gears of War 2. My baby was in Gears of War 3 though. I used her in all sorts of situations. I had easily over 1000 “modded” and “cheating” messages. Those were the days.

I was furious when they removed it from the loadout in Gears of War 4. It’s bad enough that they magically changed it back to a “burst” rifle, which made no sense in the story either. It could’ve been nerfed, it was lazy to remove it because a few miscreants couldn’t handle it.

As for Gears 5, they might as well put it back in loadout because it’s rarely available and it’s weakened right down to almost being worthless.

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No. It’s good as it is now. Universal loadouts are better for weapon balance, as you apparently acknowledge as well. If a weapon is rarely used it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s useless. Often, like in Hammerburst’s case, people don’t generally realize how impactful some weapon really can be.

People in general often don’t bother picking up these secondary weapons, but they’re certainly not useless.

If the enemy team doesn’t touch their Hammerburst, Markza Talon etc, they make it that much easier for our team to hold rings and such.

These secondary weapons exist on a lot of maps anyway. You even said it’s very unused now so if that’s true you shouldn’t then have to compete over the Hammerburst :wink: