Should Terminator REV9 + T800 Be Added To Horde?

As horde is not cannon and features a lot of things that shouldn’t be together, should the Terminators be added to horde for wave variety?

Both Rev9 and T800 could have unique weapon sets or styles of attack to make them different from the Swarm and Locust.

Also should the Speaker be added too? It’s making them stronger …

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They are reskins of existing enemies.

So no.

There was a horde event that basically just changed the scions into tall terminators when the game came out. It was very boring and could only be played on Training Grounds lol

This would be cool though.


Yes…but the key thing here is they’re all from the same lore.

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Fairly certain they would have to negotiate with the terminator studio to do that. Hence why the terminator event only happened once.


If the appropriate steps are taken, I wouldn’t see why not.

There is probably some legal reasons as to why they are not though. One of the only events not to be added to private Horde was the Terminator event on Training Grounds that was around launch. I don’t think it is a coincidence.

Plus, they were essentially DR-1’s with a T800 skin on them if I remember correctly? TC would have to go through some effort to make them not just a reskin of a Peacemaker or a DR-1. It wasn’t, well, exciting. It was cool to see the models but that was about it.

The Speaker would be cool, they can make them like the Gears 4 Scions, but again, I don’t really know how possible that would be seen as they don’t do it in Gears 5 at all, how much balancing would have to be done to get them workable.

But, we have Stim grenades, the HoD, and the Breechshot that are not being added because they would need a lot of work done for them to get into Horde, if TC isn’t willing to put the effort onto them, weapons that are already in VS, I cannot see how they would do this either.

If they were to be added I would expect the bare minimum, given TC have said that Drop 2 was essentially the last big update.

TL;DR: Would like them to be added but almost certainly will not.

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If they had different A.I. then yeah or maybe an event mode but as carbon copies of shepards? Na

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Good point.

Would make for a interesting addition to customs :thinking:

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Explain how. They are literally reskinned pipe Locust and DR-1s/Scions with minimal changes to the mechanics.

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Just would be a interesting addition to customs instead of the regular swarm and stuff… to swap out enemies for terminators would be nice

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There is Terminator games, why would you want Terminator stuff in this game ?
I get TC/Microsoft made a deal for money but why would players want that ?

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Locust don’t belong in Gears 5 either but here they are together with all the models and characters in the game, both old and promotional. The Terminator models are there and could be a new interesting enemy type if they made them unique to the locust, swarm and dee
bees for horde wave variety.

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You can’t seriously be relating the relevance of the Locust to the relevance of Terminators in a Gears game?


Completely different franchise, locust belong to gears, Terminators do not. (For the record I wasn’t especially happy about the addition of Locust, I’d have preferred they made new Swarm enemies using the AI of the Locust.)

Ironically enough you can somewhat explain the Wrestlers as gears, the crossover to Terminator and Halo you can’t, it’s bad enough they are there.
By the logic anything goes, in which case I would like some Chaos Marines and Orc Boyz on the enemy side, the Models shouldn’t be hard to implement.


Thanks for the context. I agree with you. I’m not judging them by lore as we already have promotionals in horde. Which is this discussion. Maybe enemy promotionals will work and best stay as promotional pve horde events, away from the established premise of what we know/like from pve.

I agree too. I think we’ll wait and see what Michael does in Gear 6. I’m sure he will do a great job with fresh ideas.

I’ll add - that I hope Michael or the team can create new AI and not just recycle old horde behaviours. Each Gears is different from 2,3,J,4 and 5 and hope 6 is very different too. There should a continued reason to play all the games, even the old ones.

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I mainly can deal with the locust as I know that the team didn’t really have the resources for new Models and the variety they brought is definitely nice.
And they are still “In universe” a Terminator would just be jarring. (Doubly so as I didn’t like the movie lol)