Should TC be allowed to develop Gears 6 or another company? (If there is gonna be one)

Generally interested about your guys opinions on this.

Yeah of course I know alot will say no cause well look at gears 4 and 5, even though 4 multiple beats 5’s by a long shot but 5’s campaign blew 4’s outta the water.

Either way I havent spoke much about my opinions on the forums apart from maybe the ranking system. This defo doesn’t feel like gears to be anymore which is hella sad man.

Not honestly to bash TC but they really have ruined the classic gears feel of the franchise.

I don’t hate gears 5 by no means but I certainly don’t love it.

Loved gears 2 and 3 mainly and ofc still enjoyed the first.

Judgment was horrible lol but still had a gears feel and elements to it.

Hated fours campaign sm, really enjoyed the multiplayer for most part.

Loved fives campaign! But multiplayer wise I don’t know what TC were thinking tbh.

I don’t know if I’d want them creating and developing 6 if there was to be one. But I feel like many companies might not capture the essence of the old gears just like TC didn’t and still continue not to.

Idk what to think or feel.

Third time’s the charm aye? UE not included that is.

I think the huge amount of feedback TC have received in regards to Gears 5 puts them in a position to really deliver an amazing Gears 6, they just need to listen to said feedback and maybe hire a few more capable developers and/or spend more than 3 years time developing it. There’s a lot of pressure on them after their (egregious) mistakes with 5, and that could make them really thrive or it could make them crumble we’ll just have to wait and see.

Unless you don’t mind a different studio going through the same process of finding out what a gears game is and how it should play, then yea… Otherwise, Coalition is the closest we could get to a team that gets Gears and as you can see, even so we have got their third game and they still can’t get basic things like shotty/lancer play, ranked, maps etc.

Personally, I don’t care, i kinda dropped gears lately, versus just doesn’t feel fun to play mostly. So, i will be fine just playing the campaigns, at least that they can get right.

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Use the time portal YES or NO


I wouldn’t be so sure, they got a lot of “constructive” feedback from the community with 4 and what we wanted in 5…that hasn’t worked out too hot for us all! I think the only thing 5 does better than 4 is campaign. Everything else Gears 4 wins hands down.

Highly likely we will get Gears 6 and even more likely it will be developed by TC. Maybe they will “knock it out of the Park” with 6, but I’m not sure how that will be achieved if I’m honest.

I really do not want them to fail, I just want them to not alienate the older fan base as we are the ones that will keep returning and for my money we are the ones to listen to with feedback, not all of it of course, but go through many threads and topics on here and there are some very positive suggestions and feedback.


I really think MS should hire some Heads from people can fly. Judgment had great weapon tuning and design elements, only the controlscheme was BS for standard versus.

It only depends on how they manage Gears 5 .

Being completely truthful here, Gears 4 I really liked it so in that case they have my kudos there. However Gears 5 has been a utter hot mess and at this point I don’t really know if its going to be as fun and as fixed as 4 .

I all depends if they make the Gears 5 afloat and stop the leaking of water on deck… if it sinks I doubt Microsoft its going to allow them to have another chance… I mean MS do have other developer teams who can take over.

If Im going totally realist give the project to another studio would cost more money and time, cause we already spend Time and money with TC since UE (2015 I think) so the progress of TC would worth nothing and another Studio should start from the bottom, in my opinion I’d stay with TC, they are the closest to Epic Games but I highly suggest hire better programmers
Also TC and MS should try to hire old Gears Masterminds (and I dont talk about Cliffy) I mean like Chris Perna as Art Director like he was in G1-3
The point Is TC and MS should get as many people who worked in Epic as possible, and it might save the franchise, that my best shot

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