Should stopping power be reintroduced?

Title. Btw I’m talking Gears 2 or 3 level stopping power

Can it work in Gears 5?

It would help with spacing. Stop the majority of bot walking after hitting a full spread outside of gib range.

Lot less head downing in general.

Although it could cause a lot of problems.


Stopping power added
Delays get removed

It’s how tc would rebalance things

Halve the lancer damage and add stopping power.


I’d take the return of Stopping Power over all these horrific delays any day.

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I never liked stopping power and I never want it to come back. It resulted in so many standstill situations, especially in Gears 3. It’s one of the reasons why I quit Gears 3 and went Back to Gears 1. It bored me to death lol

Might as well reintroduce active reloads on loadout weapons while you’re at it.

Both suck bu tbh I think the delays are worse

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Only when running then sure as long as they debuff the lancer

I wish Gears 3 stopping power would come back.