Should spawn protection turn off after you fire your first shot

its so annoying when an enemy spawn next to you and you just have to watch them kill you, i think it would be better if when you spawn if you shoot before the timer is up then spawn protection turns off

Then people would tank your shots, not shoot, then shoot while you reload. It’s a good idea in theory, but not application.


What if it still had the timer so basically whichever came first

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I’d take that, or any sort of reduction in the timer.
Pumpkinball Is just endless dying to invincible people who are ( badly) shooting back.

Yup. Quite a few people suggested and supported this idea in past GOW games. It makes sense - have a timer, but also null and void the spawn protection once an attack is performed (including melee attacks).

Or alternatively add a feature (on top of the tiner and null protection after attacking) also null and voids protection when within a certain range of an enemy to prevent people also tanking shots within the time limit to gain advantages.

Or make it so, if you have spawn protection, you cannot shoot or melee.