Should Ranked KOTH just be 1 round?

As a solo player, I don’t play KOTH a lot. When I do play it though, I can’t help but notice the match almost always going to 4v5 in favor of the winning team after the first round.

Meaning someone on the losing team is almost always quitting.

Now we can punish them and ban them and do whatever.


But then I was just wondering, what if you made KOTH a 1 round first to 300 match? It would solve this quit after the first loss BS that we see and still be a some what lengthy match without pushing 30 minutes (like some of these 3 rounds matches do)


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I dont think so Tim

Quitters suck but making it 1 round isnt the answer. I stopped playing solo during Gears 4 because playing solo suck. Most people I play with are from here.

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Would you be fine with TDM/Gridiron/any other mode being given the same treatment?

There are multiple rounds because that way a team that say loses the first can come back (whereas if the enemy teem had a huge lead in a 1 round match it would be far more difficult) and so the weapons can rotate.

I would argue that TDM/Gridiron are much easier to win down a man than KOTH.

And extending the the total points to 300 would allow for come backs

Yeah, just make it 1 round 240 points. Those are fun!

Sure. Why not?

You want to wait in queue, then character select, then loading, for a one round game, then do it all over again?
Then it’s no longer KOTH, it just becomes queue simulator.