Should Previous ToD skins come back in the future?

Curious on everyone’s thoughts.

Me personally, I dont really think they should, I think the most they should do is what they’re doing with the weapon skins tied to achievements in Gears 4 and make them craftable a few months after a new Gears comes out.

There was this one person who probably got Gears 5 through Game Pass and played the Campaign and was like, “How do I get Winter Kait?”. Then unfortunately, people had to tell him the truth that it was no longer currently obtainable…

Personally, I don’t think skins should be locked out. Even Desert and Winter Kait, and Desert JD seems to be amongst the best looking skins IMO.


That would be cool but as far as I’m aware they still haven’t done that. I’d like for these skins to be in the supply pool once the game is on its last legs and I’m almost betting on it happening. Gears is usually pretty generous when it comes to these things.


On the stream before last they said their intention is to leave the TOD skins vaulted. The TOD skins represent a “I was there” bragging right to The Coalition.


I agree on the campaign skin part, but those players really only have TC to blame as they decided to put campaign skins on fomo event

@SamuraiEdgeEX yea they pushed it back to the summer I believe, and I also agree that that’s probably what’s gonna happen. I wouldnt complain if it happens cause I’m happy people will get to use the skins they like, but I’d rather it stay exclusive to those who earned them

How did you get winter Kait?

By playing during winter.


She was a medal skin

Sweet that means I can get it in 8 months


I’m looking forward to summer Kait


Yo if they had Kait with the same shirt/shorts as beach Fahz that would be great

I completely understand this logic of ‘you were there’ when it comes to the higher tier rewards like blood red speaker or ronin kantus but for the life of me i dont understand why campaign skins were locked behind the first TOD. Scarred JD is on every box art and hes unplayable unless you were there from the beginning

Campaign skins should have been rewards for beating the story imo.

Imo keep the end tier exclusive but re release the lower tiers.


■■■■ I’d trade blood red speaker for motor pool Lizzie.

That skin was mid

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I used it to fool people in guardian

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That skin looks like flavored tortilla chips.

This I agree with. They could’ve done:

Beat Act 1 - Unlock Classic Outsider Kait
Beat Act 2 - Unlock Winter Armour Kait
Beat Act 3 - Unlock Desert Armour Kait


Classic Kait > Armored outsider Kait.

TC’s Lazy “Whoopsie” they fixed with OP 2

Get rid of that armored outsider Kait from the skins section and just give everyone who has that skin 500 scrap.

Not in a new TOD. But maybe for the store.

Agreed with this.

If i didnt know better i would say they put them in the first TOD because it bought them time to create other skins.

I dont think thats true but damn it kind of sucks if you wasn’t there from the start you cant play JD’s new look for gears 5.


I bet this fact really helped to sell Winter JD.