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Should or could ,TC forget about 5 and focus on gears 4 ‘updates’?

Game design ‘choices’ are one thing but coupled with all the bugs in the game I really can’t see gears 5 getting out of the place it’s in .
how many would prefer TC to switch focus . I.e. abandon support for gears 5 and actually work on gears 4 again with updates - sort of like gears 4.1 .( even implementing TOD for gears 4.1 )
I realise it’s next to zero chance of it happening but like the saying goes there comes a point where you should stop throwing good money after bad.
Or rather ‘you can’t polish a turd’





Id love more maps for GoW 4 but…

They’d probably completely break it… Spread the glitches like a Cold :sneezing_face:


LMFAO, nah.

As much as I understand people’s frustration with 5 (I’m just as frustrated as most of you are), it’ll look bad, if not worst, for TC to abandon their latest game in favor for their previous one.


There is no multiverse where that would actually happen, so why waste brain power thinking about it?


Yeah I love gears of war 1 2 and 3-maybe they will start adding new maps to those for me lmao


GoW 4 ultimate edition lol.

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Season 2 of Destiny was an almost complete rewrite, there is no reason why The Coalition can do the same thing. After all, they owe us, the gamer, for this crap they put up on us.
There is no reason at all.


If anything they are releasing ‘downdates’ for Gears 4.

Worse Pings, no more map select…

Even so… still (currently) prefer it to 5.

That says a lot.


Everyone has different priorities, of course, but for me, the things which I hate about 5 and which are making me reject it, all deal with configurable parameters which could easily be adjusted…

Movement speed & delays : all easily changed

Shotgun mag size & lancer tuning: all easily changed

Damage omen: ok, not trivial, but they are already working on this

Chainsaw back to B for the lancer: don’t imagine that’s soooo hard…

Delay between shooting and hitting melee: can’t imagine that’s soooio hard

So they can make Gears 5 a great game (by my definition) with very little effort…

Are are CHOOSING to not do it because they believe this is 'better". Fair enough, but then don’t expect me to keep playing it & spending $ in the store, lol


I believe there was a twitter post that they have already started the development of Gears 6 lol. This was on one of their tweets.

Obviously not. But they can compromise by making Gears 5 more like it’s predecessor and get this Franchise back on track. They’ve tried it their way with all these new terrible changes and clearly it’s not working, it’s time to bite the bullet and revert back to traditional Gears or it’ll be a lost cause.


I’ve just had a blast for 2 days straight on g4



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I’m pretty sure eventually they will do that and realize, but the biggest problem is that it’ll take a good year or more to actually start being playable again with their work ethic. Just remember how it took 2 years or more for gears 4 to be actually made good and playable but even then it was never perfect but at least far better than gears 5.

Usually when it takes too long to get fixed it loses most of it’s player base… They never freaking learn. They try to cater to new players and ignore the dedicated fans. These new players won’t stick around for Gears 5 and are only playing it until the next call of duty or whatever comes out and then hop off forever leaving this game.

They don’t seem to care at all about their actual fans who play the game and are the ones sustaining it. Such a shame.


Well said :+1:.

Actually. I remember how long it took with Gears 4 but obviously the major difference with Gears 5 is that they had all that experience and tweaking from the previous game behind them. Years of feedback and changes to the point the game was almost perfect.

They decided to start again, with a staff that clearly lack passion for the game. Seriously…

Now they’re paying for it with an ever declining fan base. Well done sticking the finger up to the Veterans and thinking of the launch cash as opposed to the long term active life of the game. Makes me sick.

They most certainly are, and likely have a skeleton crew working on gears 5.

This is the reason why they seem to be “lazy” and take forever to fix things. They simply don’t have a big enough team working on gears 5, because the majority of them will be working on gears 6.

The same thing happened to gears 4. They start working on the next game way, way too soon after releasing a game.

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That was on a parody account.


This topic is the only turd I see