Should Locust/Swarm skins cost less than COG?

Ideally I’d rather have skins not locked behind FOMO pay walls, especially since this isn’t a FTP game, but unfortunately I don’t think this is going to happen. With that in mind…

Yes. They should cost less. The COG are available for play in Versus, Escape and Horde, while the Swarm are only available in Versus (minus the Coop v AI mode.) Having them set at the same price frankly doesn’t make much sense to me

What do you guys and gals think?


A reasonable argument for PvE but what about PvP only players? I gave up on Escape 100% and only bother with Horde for chasing specific tour rewards so it makes perfect sense for me for the prices being the same.

I wish we had more free stuff and less quality content behind a pay wall but I guess this is the way the market works nowadays, free to play game or no.

I don’t think they should be the same. The Coalition has put restrictions on what factions can be used in certain modes, so why should the Locust Bolter cost the same as Motor pool Lizzie? The thing is the option is there to select her in any mode you pick, unlike the Bolter or any swarm and locust skin/varian for that matter.

But yeh… I’d rather have an unlock system similar to Gears of War 3, but we all know that’s never going to happen :confused:

The least TC could do is allow players to play as the Swarm/Locust side in Versus AI games. I get that some people play more of one mode over another, but that’s a choice they make. I just feel strongly that TC should enable the maximum use of both sides across the spectrum of modes. GOW3 enabled it, and it should be a thing in GOW5 too.


Maybe there is Beast coming to Gears 5 in the future, people have been asking for it for a while now. The Coalition need to gain some respect back after the release of Gears 5. They could fix the game, or bring Beast back to us. Which would you prefer.
I enjoyed the thing from Gears of War Judgement, cannot remember its name, but it was player Vs Player in a kind of Horde thing. The one where you blow up the Caps over the holes.
Oh, yeah, i miss Sophia. Bring her back, with her trade mark Stim Grenade (a bit much that one, eh), be awesome in Horde. it only worked in Horde anyway, PvP, totally unbalance the game.

Yes bring back overrun, my personal favorite part of judgement. The way horde is in 5, would make more sense if they had replaced horde with overrun, but they should totally add it. Or even beast.