Should like they should make the fans to vote for the new achievement

What the title says I feel like TC should put what the best out of 30-40 achievements from the poll and let the fans vote what should be in the final game.

They’ve already said there are reasons they won’t do this but I am hoping they use common sense. The backlash on the Longshot Mastery due to circumstantial requirements didn’t go over well with players last time. Anything that requires a team to use so and so characters and/or win on every map is just too circumstantial and should be overlooked. The last set should not be more grind orientated than previous batches considering the game is two years old and there’s no new content to make these enjoyable.

TCOctus answered this already in this thread: TC, Please Let us Vote on the New Achievements

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As this helpful user has pointed out we already have a thread with a response from TC on this topic.