Should JD's Passive change?

Ever since the removal of GL when JD spawns in Horde I believe his passive “Every sixth headshot kills drops ammo” should be re adjusted to fit his new load out.

I don’t think it should stay because the passive isn’t very useful on higher levels unless he gets headshots with the boomshot which I guess is very difficult to do.

Since I have started this topic on possible passive changes, I also believe that Kait’s passive “Power from close kills increased by 25%” need to be highlighted in brackets like in Gears 4 (The power collected with the additional power) because I see many Kait players not collecting energy when their character has been designed to gain bonus power. This is very crucial for getting the Forge built faster.

I would like her passive to be rewritten as “Power from all kills is increased by 25%” since Kait doesn’t get that many close range kills especially on higher difficulties if she’s not using her ULT and with executioner mutator on.

Any thoughts on these?


I don’t know what the answer to his passive is. What I do know though is that JD’s bleed needs to get taken away or nerfed a lot cause every since they game has come out he has bee the strongest character by far, not to mention he is very easy to use. He is literally in a tier of his own. I guess they could change his passive but idk

JD already sorta has a passive that the more damage he deals, the faster his ultimate comes back. You could give him another one, but I don’t really know how useful it would be.

Ah yes the old “let’s nerf JD and also nerf his best card argument” nerfing JD is NOT the solution it’s hugely buffing every other character to be around his and Kait’s level that will fix it. I’m so sick of people thinking this is the solution to that problem


Yeah you’re right, I don’t think JD needs any further nerfs just other bleed characters need further buffs


Or just damage buffs in general(outside of using ultimates). Some characters have no bleed damage at all. And personally I’d prefer if TC got more creative than just giving everyone bleed damage to go with.


This make my head hurt! This is not the answer. If JD is so easy to use why do I run across so many awful JDs when I play with randoms


If TC,want to nerf any character to make it harder on horde they definitely will sadly.Im just being honest and not disrespecting TC,If new characters not saying,sometime down the road they will nerf them aswell.Im happy thou JD is good from my point of view,but I respect your post OP and others who want to nerf his cards

Tell that to the random JDs constantly ■■■■■■■ up on Master.
Also, can you leave and never return?


I’m assuming the people complaining about JD are the type that never played past Elite-difficulty and got salty their Lv3-char didn’t get ALL the kills.


Yeah i agree I feel like COG Gear struggles on insane and above, I feel like their custom lancer barely does anything. I get they’re support classes but I want to kick ■■■ as any character

Yes I agree about JD’s passive not really suiting him, especially since his loadout change. Mostly he’s bombing people rather than thinking about headshots. Plus he has a separate card dedicated to Pilfer ammo drops anyway.

Regarding the Scout passive. Lahni and Kait generate that bonus Power but anyone can collect it. It’s a common misconception that they need to pick up the Power themselves. I tested this with a friend some months ago.


I get where you are coming from but can you imagine how laughably easy that would be if all folks were around that level? We’d need 5 or 6 new higher difficulties or something :joy:

A strong JD alone makes a mockery of any given threat on Master, so let us not get carried away with buffing everyone to such heights :open_mouth:

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Oh right, yeah it just wasn’t clear enough to me whether it was Kait getting the bonuses every time.

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The game is already way too easy dude as it if with him being the way he is right now. They don’t need to make it even easier. Horde will literally go to crap if it gets even easier… power creep is not the answer.

Because 80% of the people who play this game are not that good at the game sadly.

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If you want to kick ■■■ it’s called play JD. The game is easy mode then. Everything dies super easy. If you want to have a challenge you everybody else in the game and don’t have a JD on your team.

Totally agree bro. The game is already way to easy with JD being the way he is atm… My probably is he just ■■■■■ on everybody else on the game so hard, even kait. At least Kait has to get close to people and deal with execution rules. JD is in a tier of his own when he is doing 1 million plus damage with ease. JD laughs at Master difficulty. I thought Master was supposed to be hard, nope.

Yeah I know JD is very powerful and makes master Horde easier to complete but I do want all characters to feel equally viable as him. Keegan is a very strong alternative if you want to some challenge but still slay enemies.

When has Kait stop getting close range kills on higher difficulties? This is SO not true. You don’t need her ultimate to be successful.