Should I wait for the 6th game?

This is a very important point.

If you were given a dollar every time someone posted on this forum regarding frustration with randoms you’d be rich.

Once you have a crew, you can play it for the intrinsic fun of the game. I say forget the re-ups and achievements, play for the enjoyment. Even on the card situation, many classes are Master viable even with mid-level cards.


Gears 5 Horde is very similar to Gears 4. There’s more enemies and weapon variety, more bosses and classes. There is more ways to play Gears 5 classes than Gears 4. Some things you should know, you cannot cheese enemies with one shot Torque Bow and Dropshot headshots like in Gears 4, and Dropshot capacity has reduced from 7 rounds to 4. This shouldn’t matter as you’d mostly be using other weapons, that can be just as effective or even moreso.

If you like the class system and cards, you might also like Gears 5 version, except there is now a total of 19 classes and probably more cards than you’ve seen from Gears 4. It’s easier to earn class specific cards as there is no RNG loot boxes. Gears Coins is just like Credits from Gears 4, you can use them for cosmetics or crafting cards. And if you think playing as Jack is interesting, you can also do that plus a mini-Beast mode with Ultimate special ability that lets you hijack nearly any enemies except bosses.

The Scout from Gears 4 is similar to Infiltrator in Gears 5, except there is no garbage power picking up system. Anyone can pick up power, rather than Scout only. And Infiltrator is pretty much a Shotgun class.

Nearly every single weapon has a certain class that can use it best. For example, not many used Enforcer or Hammerburst in Gears 4. But in Gears 5, there are certain classes that perform best with those.

You wouldn’t really have to worry about replayability because you’ll probably be new to Gears 5 Horde and there’s so much you can do. It would have been better to start off earlier but it doesn’t matter. There’s now methods to earn things faster and pretty much everything PvE related has been released from all the classes, cards and Escape Hives rather than Operations drip feeding. New Versus / Horde map stills comes every Operation.

Having 19 classes can have a drawback where it might take a long time to get all those classes you’re interested in, to a sufficient level. That shouldn’t be a problem if you plan on playing this for long term and Gears 6 might not come any time soon for another year or few. I got pretty bored of Gears 4 as it was very repetitive and was playing different games, before Gears 5 came.

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Download it & try it out.

For me it’s a pass.

Everytime you start to fall back in love with the game TC does something unpredictable, for no reason, then tells people that it’s “what’s best”…

No regard to the fan base, it’s pretty ridiculous.


I see, I should try it either way ya. Thanks for the help everyone with it, I think I am more convinced to get it, I wanted to ask here that know more about it or play it instead of the older ratings saying best game ever or this is the worst game ever lol.

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I think it comes out with gold for a dollar I’m the next month or try a game pass trail…

Not sure about buying it outright. You get discounts with micro transactions if you have game pass

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