Should I wait for the 6th game?

I am not sure if I should play the Gears 5 horde. I am playing 3 sometimes and 4 every day but I see a lot of people saying it’s not very good in 5 usually even now, what are the biggest issues? I tried it but it was when I finished the story when it came out so it was very different.

I saw now it is on gold, but I don’t know if I should just skip it, I don’t want to download it that quickly :confused: I know I am one who never liked 5 much before but now that it is available for gold, I’m just unsure how it is, like today. I just know you can be anyone and it’s not like Judgement was? So is anyone who plays this Gears 5 or 4 and 3, would you think it’s still fine to download again to play too? Thanks.

Judgment didn’t have horde so it’s nothing like that.

In my opinion Gears PVE is in an excellent place, of course there are a few niggles but it’s the best part of Gears 5. Also try Escape, give it some time. It’s very very rewarding even if I find it harder that 99% of the people on this forum.

What do you have to lose, download it, give it some time it’s a fun experience once you learn how it plays. There’s plenty of help on here from knowledgeable players when you start.


Main issues I have with Gears 5 Horde currently is a lack of replayability despite the daily maps which provide different experiences with their modifiers, partly due to limited enemy variety often further thinned out by spreading the enemies out into different spawn sets that make it even more predictable what enemies you will encounter, and also that some maps are just better for Horde than others.

However from a gameplay standpoint overall I would say it is at a good point if you can overlook the few issues with balancing it has and don’t mind the PvE grind for skills and levels or stick to lower-mid level difficulties where the skill cards don’t matter as much. Escape is a more even playing field in terms of enemy balance and player power so long as you learn how to play the mode properly. As a new player to it you wouldn’t be faced with the issue of boredom by having only hives you already know like the back of your hand to play, at least the TC made hives.


It is quite a large game so that is why not sure yet. I downloaded it twice basically first time and a time to try the versus (which I never do lol I can’t do that again) I haven’t seen too much I can see about what it’s like right now or what I can understand fully.

I don’t know which feedback you’re reading but PvE in Gears 5 isn’t that bad. Even playing through the campaign(s) doesn’t hurt simply due to the graphics already.

Horde used to be tied to certain class-layouts on higher difficulties. This has been widened by quite a bunch since OP5 and therefore allows for more variety in choosing your class now. I guess the only downside is the spongy enemies on higher difficulties but you’ll get used to it eventually.

If you enjoy a little twist,give Escape a shot. Especially the modifiers make all the hives unique. I can only suggest making your own impression by it since it’s free atm.


I guess ya, I was worried about many changes so it would be hard to just play it like 4 is and if I should just skip it so I am not making mistakes. But I guess I might try it to play casual and normal, 4 took way too long to get to the Wings 5 I am now on it and to unlock the cards, maybe 5 will be better that way.

Oh if you mean that, then no, it’s actually a lot worse. :sweat_smile: You need to grind a lot since scrapping duplicates is no longer a thing. And there’s plenty more classes and skillcards to choose from than in Gears 4.

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Oh no, ugh okay I’ll have to see how it goes then, It’s just in 4 I’m done and having all the cards makes it fun usually. Having everything locked again for a big grind seems way too tedious if it’s like that :frowning:


Do you like Terminator, Halo and WWE Characters?

Do you like never ending grind?

Do you like spongy enemies?

Do you like useless weapons that have been NERFED to oblivion with very little ammo compared to GOW4?

Do you like ridiculous enemies that nail you from across the screen with one bullet and execute you in split second when your DBNO?

Do you like terrible servers, constant lag and game crashing on regular bases?

These are some of the things your missing out on. Well the bad things. If you can bypass all that and just play for a bit of fun, then give it a go. You might as well because if TC is in charge of Gears 6 you should expect more of the same.


Well that doesn’t sound good or fun lol. I am going to see how it is some time from all these helpful comments that everyone has put, thanks people :slight_smile: But I probably won’t be able to play it like I do 3 or 4 anyway, it’s just too much again to unlock those cards again to do more in horde I think.

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Horde is in a relatively good place now when you compare to past operations. Tons of classes are now doable at Insane - masters, ammo isnt scarce, taps are useful, classes and characters are no longer tied together, you can buy whatever gun or fortification you desire (really helps when engineer bails) and one of my favorites: no more “Duplicate classes aren’t allowed” nonsense.

Saying all that it’s still got huge issues. Aside from naturally ranking up and unlocking level 1 cards, class progression is almost entirely based off RNG. On higher difficulties like Incon and masters, enemies are gigantic health sponges and will down you instantly from the across the map. And then theres the survivor mutator… ugh. Die once and your run is over. I’ve personally experienced about a dozen failed wave 50s on master thanks to the boss being a Kestrel accompanied by guardians and scions that all decide to rush the base at once :confused:

Gears 5 is also a fcking grindfest when it comes to rank/reup/character progression. If you dont have boost(aka timesavers aka solution selling aka scummy sht) prepare to rank up once a week and with ■■■■ rewards, too. For players that stick to PvP it isnt the worst thing ever, but it severely impacts PvE as without boost character XP is quite sh*t.

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That is a very generous estimate, I was on Reup 30 for pretty much all of January and have barely reached level 70 on it yesterday, with Boost. Granted, I don’t play that much every day at the moment, but it’s usually on a high difficulty, so it’s really giving an idea how absurd the Reups are.

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Not to mention with that Re-Up you’re about 1/4 there to maximum Re-Ups.

The grind is real indeed but Re-Ups don’t mean much.

But even then, getting those classes up will take some time.

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I was talking about individual levels, not reups lol. Obviously I was exaggerating… but not much. The leveling system is absolutely abysmal w/horrible rewards to boot.

Like you I was also stuck, except I was reup 13 only playing ranked Guardian without any boost. Took me almost an entire operation to finally hit 14.

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My own numbers say I’d be about 31% of the way there but I could have gone wrong with the maths somewhere.

Well, that makes sense. But you’re not too far off despite exaggerating. Someone who doesn’t play frequently and/or on lower difficulties without Boost might as well not bother with any of the levels stuff.

I could get faster progress for the Reups by grinding but really, that’s boring and not really how I would like to get them. Not to mention we still have zero clues on what the changes and improved rewards will be.

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This is my biggest gripe with horde. The enemy is SO predictable. Between the actual poor AI, spawns, and enemy variation. It makes it so boring for replayability. The AI needs massive improvement. The enemy variation would be alright if it didn’t feel like they were as dumb as a stump. It would be great if they had different tactics and animations…most of em just walk at you shoot and occasionally take cover. No rolling backwards, sideways…roadie running. Just blindly walking into your bullets. It would be great if they pointed at you and told the other troops to push. Stuff like that…

Feels like the enemy AI is just slightly improved from gears 2. A game from 2008

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I think horde in 5 is definitely playable, you can sure have a good time, especially if you liked horde in 4.
I may have liked horde in 3 and 4 more but that might be more because of me than the game. Now I dont play as much as I used to because I’ve gotten a little bored but up until recently I’d say I did a Horde a day.

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It’s not perfectly accurate but relatively close, I keep remembering it like this:

Re-Ups 1-20 take as long as 21-30
Re-Ups 1-30 take as long as 31-40
Re-Ups 1-40 take as long as 41-50

Afaik with Re-Up 38 you’re halfway to max level so it should be relatively close to the actual numbers.

The first and third are way off if compare to these.

0-20 = 8,959,500 XP
21-30 = 17,028,000 XP
31-40 = 23,166,000 XP
41-50 = 32,917,500 XP

0-20 = 8,959,500 XP
0-30 = 25,987,500 XP
0-40 = 49,153,500 XP
0-50 = 82,071,000 XP

Somewhere in Re-up 37 is halfway.

The game is fun to play with friends OP - PvP or PvE.

Frustrating as heck solo. :joy: