Should I switch to pc or wait for series x

I’m thinking about getting a gaming laptop or pc next month, I’m probably going to get it pre-built if I do. But should I even bother or just wait for a series x? I also know that I’m just going to sync my Xbox controller anyway because I physically can’t use both mouse and keyboard at the same time. So should I make the switch or just save up and stay with console. Thank you

I have the series X and I love it. Personally I don’t game on PC. I guess it depends if you prefer the simplicity of the plug and play of a console or if you prefer the versatility of a PC.

good question… I got my laptop to work but I decided to get it a bit more powerful than just work as this allowed me to play games that I like, not anymore a full-time player but still spends a good amount of hours playing.

Why buying a console:
-Money, you would save a lot in short term by buying a console as they are relatively cheaper than a good gaming laptop/Desktop PC

  • More friends that you can actually play with as most of them don’t get along with PC players for obvious reasons that have always been addressed and might turn the crossplay off
  • More games are available. As PC seems not to have the full and immediate availability for all the games on GP

Why buying a PC

  • All-in-one service. This says it all
  • Money Saver in the long -terms. As you do not have to spend money every 2-4 years to stay in a good range for playing at good performance and not change the entire machine as happens with console
  • More deals to buy games at better prices( More savings)
  • Better performance overall

This is Imho but at the end of the day is up to you and the budget you are allowed to spend.

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