Should i reinstall this for op2 or buy gears 4

Just wondering because people are happy with it

Well ive played all gears and i can say 5 is much better then 4 with all the updates its gona get better i dont miss anythint about 4 accept clocktower and canals


Have you played gears 4 or any of the other gears in the past or will this be your first gears game?

if it will be your first gear game then yes get gears 5 if you played any of the other ones and you love them then you may not like gears 5… It’s slowly growing on me especially with the update.

I played at my uncles house it but never owned it since i haded a xbox and ps4 now i got a pc

gears 4 2v2 has been rather dead for the last two to three months. Im not even shure why i lost my onxy rank in gears 4. Im stuck at bronze 1

Gears 4 is a lot better but sadly is a mega dead game. Just buy 1 month of game pass ultimate u dont have to buy the game… Try it 30 days then see


Yes, do that!

Imagine how insane you’d have to be to pay for GOW4 when you can play Gears 5 for free.


If you haven’t spent a lot of time in Gears 4, by all means go for it. The campaign is meh but I think the Horde is far better than Gears 5. The multiplayer is much nicer too, but there’s a trade off here. Gears 5 lost a ton of players but there’s still more on there than on Gears 4. So, you might have longer queues, face the same players a lot, etc.

Buy Gears 4. What a silly question.

Just get g4 it’s way better, if you have not played it at all you should definitely try it to see what every one is complaining about me included, mechanics Gib range gnasher maps all better not to mention how rich with content it is

Got to agree, there are much better games out and there will be more over the coming months, DOOM Eternal, Cyberpunk and Zombie Army 4 are all very close.


Time to undust my PS4, Gears 4 got screwed for 5’s favor, and Gears 5 versus is laughable, Tactics is promising though.