Should I give Classic WoW a try?

I would look on the reddit and WoW forums, but those places scare me. Also Wowhead scares me.

I was a WoW player around mid-way through BC, and I played all the way through into early Wrath before I became a predominantly console player. I have dabbled back into WoW in Cataclysm and recently with BfA, but have not played it with consistency for 10 years.

I never played vanilla WoW, so would it be worth it for me?

Personally I wouldn’t want to relive the vanilla WoW days… People get nostalgic about it and keep a memory that is good… When in reality… It was bloody horrible… I would rather punch my own balls repeatedly then want to submit myself to that… :wink:

No summon stones, no dungeon/raid finders, plus some zones were just a bore to level through. Plus progressing through some dungeons could be quite a bother if you’re not prepared for the long haul.

I remember giving Nostralius a shot a few years back just because it was free and to clear Wailing Caverns took 4-5 hours. Its stuff like that which reminded me why I stopped playing the game. There were some good memories, but games like these require a real commitment that I just don’t have the patience for anymore. And Vanilla was the most brutal because many of the quality of life changes they introduced didn’t exist then.

If you’re still inclined, give it a shot. But it will be a bit of a different experience from what you might be used to. Personally, the best the game had to offer came after Vanilla.

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