Should I buy Gears 5

Im really mixed here with the microtranactions and grindy unlocks on a time schedule. Im Enjoying the gameplay through the bumps but these micro transactions got me on the fence. I dont wanna shell out microtransaction for a game I dont own and lose if I get rid of game pass. But I also dont want to pay 60-80 bucks plus pay all these ridiculous iron prices for skins snd skin set. Just priced out the ACTUAL chrome set price and i am literally baffled on how much it cost and this is only the first set introduced.

After Getting burned by Gears 4 pre-order and special edition I decided to wait. But now I dare say it feels dirty because I like the game. But I cant see myself shelling out money with these type of practices

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Why not buy a month of game pass to try it out? Plenty of other great games to play as well.

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Don’t buy it… Game pass it, play the campaign… If you like it after 30 days then invest…

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If you like the gameplay than Im not sure why the cosmetic microtransactions would be relevant to you, especially considering all of the free post launch content you’ll be getting.

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I mean did you even read his post


As of now i do not think this is worth a dime of your money

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i pre orderd gears 5 played it once then the order cancelled for no reason and xbox wont give me a refund :angry::angry::angry::angry:

I got stung with the Ultimate Edition of 4 as well. I just went with the game pass to try 5. I’m definitely not buying it and I wouldn’t spend any cash on it either personally.

Campaign is worth it. Multiplayer not sure… It has its pros and cons.

Gamepass it.

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Theres a lot of mixed feelings bout the game on here. My suggestion would be to try it on gamepass. If you like it and buy some of the micro transactions then buy the game. If you dont you only wasted a few dollars

Honestly? NO. My price point for owning this game outright instead of using Game Pass? $20.

If you care about the unlocks and skin sets, do you really have a choice? You should buy it then because Game Pass goes away if you don’t keep paying for it. So a one time spending of money or keep renewing Game Pass. That is your real decision.

Buy? no. Play? Sure. Spend $1 and get a month of gamepass and play gears5.

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No. No

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i second this, the game has one too many flaws, until they get fix, you shouldnt buy it

Im already game passing it. Long time fan and player. im just really torn about this. I should be able to gib in cool skins without paying 200 dollars

Got a cheap ultimate edition console bundle code for 25 if you wana save the cash :joy: