Should I buy $18,735.92 worth of irons?




I mean its up to you but I think the best way to handle things like this is to only buy iron when you see something you want
I mean imagine spending so much money and waiting so long for something you want
meanwhile that money could be used elsewhere but money may be left on the side to use when something is actually in the shop that you would want
for example I bought Iron when I saw the chrome steel lancer and only enough for that so the rest of my money may be set aside to wait for iron and buy food or other things etc

your choice of course ^^

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Classic Shino Baz thread


Excellent advice.

I don’t wanna be stuck eating McDavid’s just for a bundle of irons.


This is my kinda thread.

I was having similar thoughts and issues.


Not until it goes back on sale.

To answer the thread…100% yes…I mean you would be a fool not to right?

I’d pay good iron for a personally crafted Gears char modeled after this man.

Gears OP4 2020 Updated opinion

still n o
Unless you don’t wanna spend coins or are out of coins and just r e a l l y w a n t i t