Should Horde play like World of Warcraft (Dungeons)

World of Warcraft used to play like a dream, and i am talking pre-cataclysm here, yes i do mean The Lich King, i used to love it completely. Mostly i liked the Dungeons, i loved the way each character class had its place, and i think Horde should play the same way.
The Tank was King, his. or her role was to create aggro and force the enemy to focus all their might upon him/herself, creating an opening for the DPS to rain hell upon them.
The Healer was Queen, her, or his role was to heal the Tank, and DPS secondary. Keep the Tank alive, you keep the game alive. Well, that was the case many a year ago, until Activision got greedy and came out with Pandaria, Dungeons then became a right fuckfest of a game, there was no structure anymore, and it was a race to finish the game.
Horde to me, is somewhat similar, the Scout became the Tank, the Engineer became the Healer and everything else the DPS.
Energy was the currency the Engineer used to build defences for the team to fall back upon.
Together, you got a game that should have played, the Scout went out created aggro, caught the attention of the enemy, and the DPS took advantage of this and killed them whilst they were trying to kill the Tank, the enemy dropped Energy and the Scout picked it up, and when there was one left alive you downed it and dumped the Energy for the Engineer to build defences ready for the Boss waves when everyone came back to the base for cover and safety.
The Scout should be the only one collecting Energy, and either dumping it, or it is dumped automatically at the end of the wave. The Engineer is the only one that builds and repairs, also moves the Fabricator and has the ability to lock down Fortifications to stop others pissing about with them (we have all been in games where some idiot goes on a lunatic spree). The DPS just, well, DPS.
Gears is not WoW, this is know, i also know that you can not, nor could copy WoW to Gears, the set up is similar, but not the same. However there is enough, to make it so. Gears 5 Horde made some improvements on Gears of War 4 Horde, but it also took several steps back. Jack and the Forge were stupid, plain and simple stupid, Taps barely make a difference, and mostly not worth fighting for.
The Sniper seems to have taken a step back too, weaker somehow.
Gears 5 Horde is like a whole new different game now, not Horde, but something else, but trying to be Horde, sort of like 343’s Halo 5 Firefight, it is trying to be something it is not.
I do believe there is a chance for Horde, it is just that, The Coalition need to believe it too.
Make Horde the way it is supposed to be, if you are going to make a Class system, then make a Class system.

Well put. Go all in and do it right or leave it like it was.

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