There should be a minimum of 20 megabytes to play gears of war 4 and eliminate all those who have 5 or 10 megabytes the only thing they do is lag in the games and they are investable as if they were bad players they are bad.

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So just to discuss on this a little bit, when playing video games the amount of bandwidth speed you have really has nothing to do with when playing a multiplayer games. When playing live on the internet it takes a very small amount, I am talking like Kilobytes to be able to play online. So really doesn’t matter if you have a 100 Megabytes connection, or a 20 Megabytes connection.

What matters is your ping, how many milliseconds it takes to travel back and fourth when playing games over the internet. Just would like to make sure you understand what you are stating. Hope that helps.

Edit: To add to this there is also many factors they go into gaming online.
How many connections you have in your house
Someone is using up all the bandwidth causing you to lag, or drop connection

So stating should have a minimum of bandwidth is correct in a way, but it’s impossible to force it because so many factors that determine how much bandwidth is available when playing online.


You don’t measure connections in Megabytes it’s Megabits …

But you are correct - you don’t need more than 1 Mb for online gaming.

More important is your latency.

Playing Wired rather than Wi-Fi helps too.

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I find it best to maximize my ping, I’m doing everything in my power to get that number higher. You know you’re doing something right when you need a Rosetta Stone to read you Xbox messages.


Speed is nothing, ping rule the world

LoL just play with your neighbors WiFi and ping will be sky high :joy:

@EVIL_0NE hit the head on this.
I for example has the best internet available in my town; it’s 10mb dl.
I play online with friends and in many cases I have better latency/ping than them when yet their connections upload and download are significantly better (as in literally 10x better).
You can have a gigabit connection and lag out, can even have poorer latency than one with a weaker connection. It’s all based on the delay from your connection to server and back. Your distance from server is actually a major factor in latency. Further you are - latency can go up. Hence the region locking.

Gigabit connections are more likely to have better latency anyway as they would be high quality connections.

You have to factor in how many people opt for WiFi and have a fluctuating connection throughout the match which messes up the Lag Comp as I’ve seen players jump from 30, 40, 80, 300 back to 150, 100, then back up to 300 and so on constantly …

Oh of course stronger/faster connections will generally provide lower ping. However they too are not guarantees they will always be low latency. They too can get high pings, especially if they are far from the servers.
WiFi is a definite issue too. Why I always go corded. I believe many forget that WiFi does slow your connection down as it’s adding another relay. Yes your internet connection doesn’t change but your router has to relay and receive wirelessly from the router. Adds latency.

Exactly this.

Fiber is more stable. I’ve had Comcast (Cable) and my new provider as of last July which is 100% Fiber to the house. I get Gigabit (940Mbps) download and 250Mbps upload. This means speed wise I am in the top 1% of the USA for internet connections. These speeds ensure no matter how many or whatever people in my home are doing I have enough bandwidth to go around to ensure my ping stays stable. But that doesn’t mean I’ll ping lower to California with Gigabit Fiber compared to someone with DSL that actually lives there. I’m in Illinois which is fairly far so I’ll be higher but still a lower tiered number nonetheless.

All the game needs to do, or shall I say Gears 5, is have a system in place to detect ping spikes. If the system misses it in the search process but it happens in game it flags the player. Once the match is over they get a warning similar to the quit warning that tells them their internet is unstable and they need to take steps to address it whether it’s hardwire or stop playing when your network is congested. If they join another ranked match and continue to have issues the player is given a ‘suspension’ of sorts and can now only play Social. Once a player has played a couple matches in Social without these ping spikes they should then be allowed back into ranked. Now, this may seem harsh but ranked play needs to be as even as possible and allowing these fluctuations every match isn’t providing that experience. You have to take steps to prevent people from causing issues and them having limited bandwidth/poor WiFi isn’t an excuse to ruin every match for others.

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Explains why a ping of a player 200 to 400 can not be eliminated they are invincible my ping is from 25 to 36 max when there are games so it is very bad

And this is exactly why people posting speedtests really isn’t useful information.

I get 93 megabits down, but for a while had an issue where heavy rain would cause our net to drop out. It made online gaming impossible despite paying for top tier internet (in Australia anyway) and having my router next to my PC and Xbox and still having it all cabled.

You obviously had an actual issue.

But to say Speed Tests aren’t really relevant isn’t true either. If someone posts a test with high bandwidth we know they have enough to go to other devices too. If they’re having issues with a game and have also troubleshooted and verified no line issues then the game is having issues which happens in Gears a lot.

Bandwidth is related to ping but ping isn’t necessarily hand in hand with bandwidth in all cases. Both are important and someone with a DSL connection during peak hours are going to experience far more issues than Cable or the far superior Fiber. The issue is so many people act like Speed is everything but it’s only a part of the story. Bandwidth, WiFi (should always hardwire for gaming people!!!), ping to the server and line stability can play a role.

You can have a high bandwidth but have another person in the house downloading a game via steam for example and steam will attempt to take all of the bandwidth. Doesn’t matter how much you have if someone else in the house is taking it all.

I should clarify though that I meant posting speedtests alone isn’t useful. Which is usually done to “prove” that their internet cannot possibly be the issue, it must be the fault of everyone else.

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Haha, I’ve used Steam plenty of times and I have enough bandwidth even when downloading there. :joy:

But most don’t and I know that. But you’re right about Speed Tests as the only test isn’t the answer.