Should Gears 5's MP go free to play?

Don’t worry, Forza also killed Lizzie too.

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True story, got hit by a Hummer :rofl::rofl:


That’s gonna follow me to my grave, isn’t it? Oh well. I guess you can’t have it all if you really believe in something…

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Forza has guns??


Not you too :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Are you fkn kidding, sure they’ve gotten the EASY things done, and of course the store, heaven forbid the store didn’t get well stocked… how about the DOZENS of coding issues and not code lag, or the scoring in ranked… you must be smoking some good sht to think they’ve got their act together, either that or you’re blind and haven’t seen any other posts on the forums.


It was made free for a week if people had a gold subscription.

I prehaps could have worded it better though, my bad.

Its nobody’s fault that people in Europe or South America would rather play FIFA than fornicate. Going f2p wouldn’t change that. Plus, I never have a problem finding a match Within a minute or so. Ever

?? I’m confused… When did I say they got their act together? I still feel the game is a mess and needs A LOT of work. I just stated, imo, the Tour of Duty and Pass has gotten better season by season and actually worth playing for. You even quoted me, where in that quote do I mention anything outside of skins?

I don’t think it should be f2p but what I think they should do (been saying this since 3) a Gears online. They should chose the best tuning, have every map that has ever been made, every character too. But it’s a stand alone MP only experience.

Okay yeah, I thought you meant Free Games with Gold.

Tis alright.

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This wouldn’t be a bad idea. They could always add more skins, more maps, and even release full blown campaigns (Gears 6) as DLC. No reason to start over with every new Gears installment to make a new multiplayer experience. Seems like with every game that releases, it takes nearly a year of updates just to get the game in a playable state the majority of players are happy with. If they went this route, they could continue to pump out (aesthetic and story related) content, without having to make sure they do MP justice right out of the gate.

Why in the world would the CHEAPEST (free) players get to play on EVERY MAP, with EVERY CHARACTER, when the people who PAID FOR THE GAME, don’t even get new maps… 4 or 5 maps in 8 months or however long it’s been is a ridiculously pace for content

Map packs/paying for maps are a thing of the past. Most games now drop maps publicly in matchmaking playlists for nothing.

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I mean…I’m sure MOST people have game pass since it eqs pretty much a free add-on to gold. And it’s free there. So there are plenty of people currently playing it for “free”. No way would the throw it down into free games.

I’m not saying it isn’t/shouldn’t be that way, but what you proposed was that the free players get their own mode, with ALL THE MAPS EVER, whilst those who paid for the game only get the lesser amount for ranked modes… makes no sense.

No, I didn’t propose that, @DJ_NME did, and they even stated that this “idea” would NOT be a free to play game. It would be a standalone $40-$60 game that only has multiplayer that includes every map and character from previous titles. It was then me who suggested, to add on to that, that all future story related content would just be sold as DLC, instead of them making a new Gears w/ a new multiplayer experience every few years.

I think you got a little confused somewhere

Yes. If the game was in a healthy state I’d say no but, all things considered, it would help on a number of levels. They’d really have to improve the store though as F2P survives on having a variety of high quality skins.

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English is obviously not your strong point.

Gears should NOT be f2p as I clearly stated. The online only game, that I did suggest, would be a stand alone and cost £30 say…but it would only be the online muliplayer part of the game…You know, the portion of the game that has pretty much carried the franchise through to 5 games. Fk all the bot killing game modes for kids…whakadays.

Maybe the next game could try that. I don’t mind paying for story stuff.

Gears 5 is already feeling the burn from paying customers as is, can’t imagine the fury if the MP went free only a few months after launch. Then again TF2 went Free to Play years ago despite having a price tag and it worked out so who knows.