Should Gears 5's MP go free to play?

So I was thinking about this earlier and I want to get everyone’s opinion. Should Gears 5’s Multiplayer go free to play?

I don’t have the exact numbers, but I do know there was an increase of players during the free weekend Gears 5 recently had. With how small the player base is for Gears atm, especially in EU, Brazil, Etc, I think Gears 5 would benefit going to free to play. There is still a lot to the game that they could lock behind the full game that would justify the purchase - Campaign, Horde, Escape, Tour of Duty and a discount on weekly store items.

Anyone who decides to download Gears 5’s multiplayer, should have access to the Character Totems, Quick Play, Special Event modes and Ranked. The requirements needed to play ranked need to be increased. Also, the original Totems need to be adjusted to the current “30,000 XP achieved” to complete the Totem. I know they said they weren’t going to either because they’re locked in, or because it’s not fair to those that spent the time ( or money :stuck_out_tongue: ) on those Characters. If its the latter, then gives those people a free skin or something.

TC has been getting better with adding skins, characters and weapons, to the Tour of Duty, but their Store is already setup to fund the free to play players.

Hordes of f2p toxic players? No thanks. Either buy the game or gamepass it.


Adding more players wouldn’t change the fact that Gears is as toxic as it gets


I think it would benefit the game but having solo ranked & quick play lobbys as well just to get newbies adjust the feel. Bc no NEW person wants to play stacked teams 1st time. Theyll just forget playing it and have a bad experience and not play it ever again. TC does cater to the new player base but doing a bad job on it as well for everyone

Wait till you see the village of smurfs…


I agree! I also think quick play in general needs an overhaul, but that’s a different topic for a different day.

Oh fur sure lol. It needs a HUGE update


See, I like the f2p option or at least seperating PVP from the main game as it would force TC to keep building on what they have instead of hitting the reset button again on G6.

BUT… to make succesfull f2p game the mechanics have to be competant and work. Two things wich TC struggle with.
Getting the online consistency right would also be another huge roadblock that tc throw up for themselves. With masses of people playing gears, the servers would only get worse. The game can’t cope with the few hundred of us using it as it is.

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I dont think this is the solution

The reason the player base is small is because of a bad launch, issues still plaguing this game that have been in since launch and each update bringing up more problems regardless of what gets fixed and being F2P wont change this.

Also it will drive some of the current players away who paid for the game


its definitely not the servers, Forza Horizon 4 uses the same servers and has WAY more players than Gears does and they dont have the same issues Gears does

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Yeah, I know it’s not the actual servers they use, but more HOW TC uses them.
The less players in a game the smoother it seems to work.
Playing with a couple of friends in a private match is such a different experience to how it works out in a proper match. :man_shrugging:

Just look at what always happens when an update comes out, loads of players try to play and the servers just take a dump. Imagine that everyday,


Yea it’s things like this that need a huge amount of work if they were to even think of making it a f2p game (not that they don’t need to do this now)


I don’t think making it f2p will affect the population that much.

The people you are targeting with this will be new players and casuals. Most will play for a couple of hours and then go back to their favourite game.

Also, 3 million people played this game at launch, mainly from GP. Most have moved on. The game was recently made free on gold, and the population hasn’t risen that much.


I would only open up Gears 5’s three core MP modes, like how COD only opened up Warzone for free.

  1. Arcade - Not that many of us like it, but TC does.
  2. FFA - A New mode that wouldn’t encourage stacks against new players.
  3. Gridiron/Social Playlist - Or a playlist of the current OP mode that was added.
  4. (Extra) Holliday Modes - Since these are just goofy and pointless anyways.

When? That doesn’t sound right.


  • better pings/connection
  • faster MM
  • better Ranked match-ups
  • modes wont be axed due to low population
  • game has had a Free-to-Play monetization model since day 1 anyway

just slice up the game into modular segments. Campaign, Escape, Horde, Versus is the $60 package. Standalone Versus is Free.

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Rubbish, Forza has the exact same problem, tried doing a drive-by just yesterday and would you believe it? Gun didn’t fire :expressionless:

My wallbouncing is on point tho

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Forza has guns? That’s news to me.

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Yea, jus need the American 2nd amendment DLC :yum:

I’ll get right to that… wait, I don’t actually play Forza. Dammit.

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