Should Gears 5 Kait have more muscles? 💪

Why is Kait so lean? I don’t expect her to be a Clayton Carmine but I do think she should be a bit more muscular with her training and all.


She is certainly no Sarah Connor. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Noooooo. for the love of god. Gears characters look so stupid with the overly muscled frames and cankle boots. It’s like a bad 90’s comic book throwback.

Kait looks like an actual girl and doesn’t need to be dumbed down. Training as a fighter does not make you bulky. Boxers and martial artists are a perfect example of that. I’d like to think Gears 5 is an opportunity for the franchise to grow again. Muscling up Kait would be a move in the wrong direction and would seem really out of touch.


I disagree because Kait basically has no definition and fighters tend to have a decent amount even the women.

She also doesn’t seem to have many scars or none at all which is surprising considering the war torn universe she exists in.

I believe giving Kait a little more grit will earn her some respect it doesn’t have to be a huge scar across the face like Marcus has but if she’s going to be a lead character in Gears Of War she should look the part


Kait’s wearing a full uniform in the trailer; so, you can’t really tell how much muscle definition (which doesn’t necessarily eqaute to bulky) she has.

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No need imo

The woman in that photo has visible biceps and looks 2 times more warrior like than Kait at least in Gears 4.

I’ve played as Kait many times and her arms look like noodles.

@diablo_vs24 Maybe Kait is shredded under the armor in Gears 5 I have no idea but from the examples provided by Gears 4 I find it difficult to believe she’s related to the Queen of the Locust

Being lean is not exclusive to Kait. Far more seasoned females have the same body type. It’s a design choice.


Indeed, look at Sam, Bernie and Anya all would kick your bottom without being built like Lenda Murray


A poor design choice in my opinion the women of Gears should look as ferocious as the men.

Kait in her cute beanie and mini ponytail does not suit Gears very well although in the Gears 5 trailer she looks a lot better

@Duffman_GB I’m not really concerned with Anya or Sam at this point neither of them have the spotlight like Kait

Sam is always in the spotlight mate :wink:
At least I use her in all Gears mp she appears in, take your point though.

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I’m glad you mentioned Bernie though because she is a perfect example of a female character with ounces of grit and she doesn’t even need bulky muscles to pull it off.

The helmetless UIR is also a great female Gears character

Myrrah doesn’t look overly muscled in gears 2. Even though her locust gown sort of has sleeves, you can see her arms in places.

Who knows what scars she has under all that gear or in her head? In GoW3, most of the characters wasn’t all scarred up. I didn’t think them any less then I did Marcus or Dom. I just figured they didn’t see the action the Marcus or Dom had seen.

As far as her build. None of the women in the past was built like Marcus and the boys. Why does Kait have to?

My impression she was young, her mom and uncle seemed over protective of her. She may not have gotten any scars yet. If you read the books, when they tell the stories about Bernie. Her scars aren’t visible, but there there. Maybe in Gears 5, she may have became a lean mean fighting machine and you may not see her scars.

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Oh my…


Excellent point Yoda there was a time of peace in the Gears universe between Gears 3 and Gears 4 I believe which could explain Kaits lack of grit.

What about Noodle Arms Gary Carmine? What about him?

From my understanding Gary was never officially a member of the COG he was only taught by Oscar and Oscars career in the COG remains a mystery.

Gary was also destroyed almost as quickly as we were introduced to him by camping a turret for far too long

I’m not saying Gears shouldn’t have slim characters what I am saying is any ranking members of the c.o.g particularly Lead characters should be a little more like Marcus Fenix… When we first meet Marcus hes locked up in prison chilling in The Slab probably working on his uppercut

According to the Novel, he did spend plenty of time working out. He was only in that cell cause they wouldn’t evacuated the Slab. In the last line defense, he bought the others time so they could escape and was back himself into that cell. Shortly after Dom and crew come to save him.

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You know your Gears Lore well Yoda I respect that and unfortunately these legendary characters like Marcus Fexin and Dominic Santiago have gotten older and I’m concerned their shoes wont be filled by these new guys TC gave us