Should Gears 5 carry over content from 4?

It’s what I think would be cool.

Skins: We should be able to keep the ones we earned and all the packs from 4 should be permanently available to unlock without timelimits. They can apply the time limits to the newer gears 5 packs
(Not that I like that system anyway…)

Maps: Get rid of the moderated maprotation, where TC decides what maps appear in what modes. Carry over the maps from 4, throw them all into the rotation on any mode and let us decide by voting. Maybe increase the amount of maps you can vote for from 3 to 5.

This will lead to an increase of content and if you do this to gears 6 too, you can keep gearheads busy for ages… It reminds me of other games where the next release of a game had the content of the releases before, I always liked the consumerfriendliness of this concept. Otherwise the release before will be dead because everybody moved on and the content also gets abandoned, which is just a pitty.


Ideally yes since its easier to port content between Unreal Engine 4s than it was before between Unreal Engine 3s

Realistically? Not going to happen because TC wants to spread their wings so to speak and wants to do more of their own things. Spending time to port legacy content over from 4 would be a waste of time.

Its all well and good if they had a dedicated team responsible for it, but they probably dont.


I’d rather they offer a lot of base skins during launch and then focus efforts on bringing new characters via challenges and fairer packs.


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The only way I could see them transferring bs characters is if they bring them over then start a different esports look

Like syndrome armor or something

White Steel.

Emerald Armour.

Carbon Fiber.



TC could easily pick something other than Black Steel.

Or even Black Steel 2.0 …


Not gonna happen it’s childish to think that lol.

They gone revamp the entire skin things, probably have it such that u buy armor and variations of default characters. This would allow TC an excuse to rehash the same characters y’all already paid good money for.

They ain’t gonna make any serious coin if they let us carry over skins and we all know money talks

Absolutely I feel horrible for anyone who bought eSports packs and other skins just to use for a years worth of time. I guess it’s kinda their fault for being stupid enough to buy packs. That being said they really should let them include it in other Gears games/media.

Why would someone be automatically stupid for buying skins?

I for one have never asked or thought that these skins that I buy will be appearing in any other game than 4.

And there is still a long time to go before 5.

Maybe 1 or 2 skins may carry or be awarded for hitting certain levels or getting a specific achievement. I very much doubt they will carry paid skins from 4 to 5. They will probably remake most of the skins again and add minor tweaks and flog them…similar to some of the character skins they have done for the current game

no. if you will spend hundreds of$ on skins you will do it all over again. a company is not gonna spend money so you can spend less money on the next game.

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No skins for you.