Should downing someone in OSOK be a thing?

I personally feel that downing someone in a sniper only game type doesn’t make sense and takes away all skill required to be good with the longshot. I’ve played a lot of osok, especially recently where they will down someone with body shots and pick them up for the kill as opposed to getting a head shot, which can make it frustrating.

That’s my personal opinion, but I want to know, does everyone else think downing in a sniper only game type should be taken out or is it a fair component to the game type?



In osok only headshots should deal any damage.
I think melee should be allowed, although only for the knock back/stun effect, no damage should be dealt.
Mostly just bc I liked having that to counter those fools using their longshot as a gnasher.

Also starting with a full clip would be a nice touch

Agreed. It’s a pretty stupid thing to allow in a OSOK game mode. They should make it so that a player would have to get 4 bodyshots within a given time-span in order for a person to be downed.

It definitely isnt fun to be downed by body shots. I would love to see an all headshot OSOK, but I think they mentioned something at one point on Twitter about it slowing the rounds too much. The full clip start would be amazing though. Hell, I would even take the Boltok for two shot headshots over the executions.

No melees, no downs, headshots only, infinite ammo. That’s what osok should be.