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Should AFK/idle players get worse punishment than quitters?

(Hot Chili Fries) #1

So just got done with about three games of KOTH, and in two of those games my team had one or more persons go AFK/idle, and one person in the first game quit.

Here’s my philosophy-

Quitters: when a person quits, it’s actually more reasonable because that person either rage quit, got disconnected, or just had a real life situation to attend to. He/she is going to take the penalty and we can rest assured that they will be punished for it. Also, I understand that there is some sort of protection for teams that have had teammates quit on them? Idk, maybe someone can fill me in on that.

AFK/idle players: these players are far worse than quitters. They care less about your team than quitters because they consciously left their controller/keyboard knowing that the game is still going on. If the other team knows one of you is AFK, they’ll know exactly where you and your team is going to spawn: right near your AFK teammate. Stack that on top of the fact that they are giving the opposing team free kills, something a quitter is unable to do. Even worse are the players who are AFK, but they will touch their controller or mouse every once in awhile just so they don’t get idle booted. In my opinion, I’d rather have a quitter on my team than an AFK player any day.

So that leads me to my point, how is it that their is so much talk about “what can we do about quitters” and “how can we punish quitters,” when I’m over here thinkin’ that AFK players are a much worse problem than quitters.

my viewpoint: if a person gets booted for being AFK or has consistent amount of time in games being AFK, they should have a much worse penalty than a quitter, and need to be restricted to playlists that don’t have quit penalties for certain amount of time. These playlists with no quit penalties and bot backfilling were clearly designed for people who quit and go AFK, and the fact that they neglect to enter these playlists and choose to enter ranked playlists should not go unpunished.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #2

I WISH there was a more reliable way of reporting idlers. Or, at least, one that actually resulted in something meaningful.

This game is full of them. These people that complain about going against 5 stacks had better put their phones away while they are in ranked because these idiots are why I typically roll in a 5 stack. I can’t stand randoms who idle.

(Hot Chili Fries) #3

yeah most definitely. Idling has become more of a problem in our current gen of gaming. I’m guessing it’s partially because of the ability to be in the Xbox or PS dashboard or other apps without actually quitting the game. Back in the 360 days, running other apps at the same time as your game wasn’t really a thing yet, and if I remember correctly, going to the dashboard home would result in your game closing.

maybe they could implement a feature in ranked matches where if you go anywhere in your xbox during the match, be it pandora, controller settings, or whatever, you automatically get booted from the game.

That’s just my unpopular opinion, but there really isn’t any excuse to be AFK in a ranked match, period. I even had some person argue against me saying that some games having no idle boot feature is a good thing because “sometimes players need to change batteries in their controllers.” lmao

I guess if this is the mindset of people who go AFK all the time, we shouldn’t be surprised that there are so many of them that don’t care about other players’s experience.

(Omen LP) #4

Afk are a bigger problem than quitters because quitters are SOMEWHAT taken into consideration when calculating rank impact. Afk players are not, if they don’t get lagged out for inactivity…

(Anon nkanter) #5

Happened to me also several times in Core KOTH yesterday, during more than half of the matches played. 1 player inactive makes a huge difference, 2 make your team loose regardless of your team skill. At first I thought to report them, then they were too many GT to remember

(Hot Chili Fries) #6

totally. The AFK boot timer is pretty long in this game apparently. I’d argue that 30-45 seconds is fair. It may sound like a short amount of time, but if you actually sit there and look at the screen for 30 seconds and do nothing, you’ll see just how much action goes on that you’re either contributing nothing to or making worse for your team. In close matches, a player going AFK for even 15 seconds is enough to make or break your teams performance.

I just really wish they would crack down on AFK players in all games, because I rarely see anyone address this problem that is clearly ruining games of all kinds.