Shotty Shiper Event

Why are there GLs, Dropshots, Boombshots, etc on the map? I thought this was just Shotty and Sniper weapons.

Really?! Now im disappointed.

I was ready for longshot/gnasher and picking up the “breechshot”/overkill and just ammo pickups otherwise.

Turns into basically standard Guardian aside from everyone has a sniper on spawn.

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hopefully they change it quick, Lonshots and Gnashers alone sounds great for Guardian

I think theyre testing the markza mk 2 though.

They wanna let people have a chance against @XeroShinobi


I think the event should be call Boom Snipes.

Can confirm. If not for power weapons, or non snipers in general, I’m pretty sure I’d go 40/0 instead of 36/2, and get called a cheater 3% more often.


Lmao :joy:

They have since patched it and removed the power weapons

Catching a real strong whiff of aimbot in this mode :rofl:

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You’re probably one of those guys that enter the match as reup 1 and wall bounce all over the place and own everyone and get 25 headshots across the map in a row without dying.

Anyone know if the medal requirements were reduced in any of these updates, or was this just poor TWIG info?

To explain further…TWIG states (This Week in Gears - August 17 - 23)

Complete 5 Matches – 4 Stars
Do 75000 Damage – 5 Stars
Get 20 headshots – 5 stars
Get 75 Eliminations – 5 Stars

but in-game it’s actually 25k damage, 10 headshots, 25 elims.

Not complaining. Having to play less of this garbage ‘event’ is fine by me. (I’m also amused that TC can take a bad PvP and make it even worse most weeks, hahahaha). Just curious.


This mode got me vexed, I fire off 6 or 7 shots startling the enemy at best and they fire one shot straight into my left eyeball :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Just saw the Buzzkill on Reclaimed.