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Shots not registering

Keep talking BS 12 years this issue has been in this series and it aint even got any better

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I imagine it is a complex issue (or else it would have been fixed already) and some of the variables are out of the developers control like user connection quality.

It’s apparent to me that the sponging isn’t simply a ping issue, or at least it doesn’t appear that way judging by some of the matches I’ve been in.

There’s no doubt in my mind TC knows this is a concern for a lot of players. It’s been written about on the forums daily for as far back as I can see. They respond to some of the posts which means they read the posts.

I’m sure it’s a balancing act what they do and I have to hope that they’re doing what they can with what they have but I imagine a lot of them have their hands tied behind their backs when it comes to where the money goes and I have a feeling Microsoft is just as much to blame.

The player base is an important factor and needs to be fairly high I think for the situation to improve.

Hopefully gears 5 can somehow attract and keep more players and perhaps the problems won’t be so rampant. Matchmaking based on ping and even connection quality (players with infrequent ping spikes matched with like players and vise versa) would work much better with a large player pool. And a large player pool, in theory, would allow for more money to be put into fixing any issues with the game code or servers themselves.

In theory.

My favorite is when you get blasted and they go down and it says you did 100% damage in 2 hits.

100% damage., yet… There they are:

Case in point:


Everything you put is just pure BS rod has been with gears from day one and this issue is still present. They will never fix it and trhey will just kill a franchise off.

Also there is nothing out of the developers control like user connection quality. As they can easly stop high ping players joing the low ping players easly, by having setting it as 0-50 ping players play only together and the higher ones get put on host servers, sorry but they wont do this as they dont have the player base to do so.

Its simple they either add 80-120hz servers or dont bohter, I for one wont buy this game due to the same stale MP gameplay thats got sooo boring.


Not to start an argument but you didn’t really put anything constructive or thoughtful in your post. Everything I said wasn’t pure BS as I was sharing a perspective and opinion and I was pretty clear about that in the way I wrote it.

I take it you’re angry and that’s fine, but man, your point gets lost when you just come lunging with no real thoughts or evidence to back up anything you said.

Tell me about it ); according to tc we just are missing our shots and are expecting more from our gnasher than we should. That we all need to learn to be more accurate and that the % is there to let us know how inaccurate we are at landing shots/full spreads.

Moral of the story is we just can’t aim in there eyes.

I also have some post flooting around about how the bullets still come out from behind your character. I thought this issue was fixed a long time ago. Like gears 3 long time ago. But I was wrong

I think they struggle to get the third person down when it comes to bullet angle and registration. But come on guys it’s ONLY 2018 how much hit detection and stable working game can we ask for :woman_shrugging:

Edit : Poinblank not registering in core. (Photos)

Shows a tiny bit more. I’ll find the gif of me killing someone that is behind me shortly. On top of that. Anyone have the issue of when you down someone and you leave that person down because there is another one fighting you and he is a bigger threat obviously. But they are hovering over there teammate and you clearly shoot the guy standing but someone how the guy on the ground soaks the whole shot and it kills him? I know other people I play with have the same problem happen all the time. And honestly it’s ■■■■■■■■. I’m not even aiming at the person and they die. Yet if I where to try to intentionally kill the person on the ground in that situation they would eat a whole shot in the down postion and live.

Killed the player standing behind me gif


Please don’t use the “more money to fix the game” argument. This is the same nonsense that developers want you to believe for why it allows them to make the maps “free”.

I can assure you that they’re into high profit margins for Gears 4, due to the horrible loot boxes and whales that can’t help themselves.

Has that extra dosh been put into the games post launch? No. At least it hasn’t on terms of fixing the horrendous sponging in versus and the plethora of bugs in Horde that they won’t fix, unless it allows you to speedrun of course.

The only thing that’s gone into the game post launch is more things for us to spend money on.

We need to hold companies to a higher standard. Let’s stop making excuses for them and stop pandering their “need more money to fix our game that shouldn’t have released in this state anyway” agendas.

This doesn’t just apply to TC, but all companies.

Would you take this crap from your Doctor? Your grocery store? Car mechanic? No.

Sorry for being so blunt, I’m just sick of seeing this from customers online.


Haha I love this :sob:

I’m going to the doctor this morning actually. I’ll ask what kind of loot boxes he has for me :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Gimme that loot!

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LoL -

“I need life saving medicine doctor”


“Well today’s your lucky day because our loot boxes of medicine allow 5 chances to get said medicine”



I’ve complained about this since the beginning. Tried twitter, forums, and any other way I could get it out there. The issue has always been matchmaking for me. I play with people in Canada, but we consistently get matched up against South American gamers. When the ping on our end is 20-30 and there’s is 110+, it leads to very inconsistent games. I love this game, but it makes it almost unplayable. I wish something would be addressed or at least have someone acknowledge it’s a problem.

Yeah, when you see high ping players or ones where it spikes - you know it ain’t going to work :+1:

Have the same ony sponging, enemys spawns in the ring and us and of map, no Chance to win and the rank goes only down. This steal the game the fun and tc do nothing cant understand this.

Can Understand the quitter, TC needs a bann and not the Gamers!!

Spongey players :disappointed_relieved:

For me, I would be happy if lobbies were based on a PING rate. Last night I played like 6 or 7 matches and every single time there were between 2 and 5 people with a ping of 90 to 300… Our team was at a rate of about 20 to 40…

Yeah, I’ve asked many times for a ping filter or quality based matchmaking.

Have lobbys whit good Pings and it’s the same.

To a degree, yes. It does happen but your movements are fluid. One high ping in a lobby makes me feel like Spider-Man except in this case I don’t want to stick to walls.

Just played a player from Mexico where I put 3 point blank active Gnashers into him and he proceeded to one shot me. Game said I did 10% damage in 1 hit. Basically it didn’t register despite me pinging at 15ms and him at 105ms. That’s fair, right?




And yet someone, via some strange lost magic technology I guess, other developers manage to make games without these issues?

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