Shotgun Update. Add input

The new shotgun update is trash.

Care to explain why you feel that way? Your opinion means nothing if you can’t at least back it up.


Of course not.

Add input?

Do it yourself, you lazy reprobate.

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Pellets are not registering on PC, not sure about Xbox. The problem is worst when the target is in movement (this is not an aim problem but hit box-lag-netcode-gnasher related issue).
Hip fire magnetism is overpowered on xbox right now, to the point no one aims. You should to be rewarded for aiming, not otherwise.
New glitch, sometimes when you shot the Gnasher it just does the movement of shooting, no sound, no pellets, no damage. (PC, not sure about Xbox).
In a gnasher fight PC vs Xbox, PC just cant win because of overpowered magnetism, even if you aim perfectly on PC. This is valid at all distance.
(opinion) Pellets should be much more close to the center when aiming, so you are rewarded for aiming and not by spamming hip fire.
(opinion) Wrap around shot is sick and it shouldnt exist, you just cant beat it if your enemy has lower ping because you are killed without even seen him next to you.