Shotgun point blank misses!

Is TC messing with bullet magnetism again? The play is awful on ranked play. These past couple of days shot gun shots going threw players, or direct hits no register. Awful play. For PC anyways. I dunno on console side. Come on TC??


Yeah I’ve been having some issues this last week too, but most of the time I’ll see in killcam it’s a connection issue where I’m just lagging behind by a second so I’ll watch myself fire a second shot, see the marks appear on the enemy’s chest but in killcam I never even made that second shot. And from what I hear this is a problem for a lot of people with anything less than top tier wifi or an ethernet cord. I play on xbox personally and yeah, game got issues.

I have good internet. Good cord. How you can tell the difference between room lag and actual TC hot fix is consistency in gameplay. A lag room will be bad game play. Next match game play changed and is now better.

A TC hot fix is changed gameplay. And no matter how many games you play it acts generally the same . And these missed shots are worse than usual. If you play long enuff you can notice changes in game play from day to day if anything was changed.

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Maybe this works better