Shotgun isn't registering?

I just point blanked a bot and I saw on screen get a hit but I didn’t damage him? If you look at my ammo, it goes from 6 to 5 so lag definitely isn’t the issue. this gears 4 all over again? :-1: Watch clip here.

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works for me bro

Did you even read the post or watch the video bro?

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Wow this happens to you 1 time and now you’re already trying to start a whiny “ThE GnASheR iS BrOkEn ThrEAd”


Well it works perfectly for me.

From the kill cam it looks like you hit the cover

Typical gears.
Perhaps that guy was from Uganda so he automatically gets an advantage.
Coalition logic.

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If you look on the center of the screen, you can see pellets form confirming I hit the bot.

from your side it looked like you hit him. from the kill cam it looked like you hit the cover

What did I say when I heard that suck up said that the kill cam will prove that we missed when we thought we hit the shot?

“Until I also watch my recording and see the game catered to the high ping fluctuation player and see I hit my shot 100%”


Umm that’s not how it works lol. They clearly implemented that feature due to people complaining when in fact they missed. It’s literally there to tell you if you missed or not.

If you think the kill cam is an accurate representation to what you saw on your screen you’ve got another thing coming.

Did you ever see how much different it is in any other game that has one? It’s not showing what happened on your client but rather the server. If I hit the enemy on my client it’s a hit regardless of what the kill cam says. I get the Internet isn’t perfect and lag happens but don’t trust the kill cam.

I’m not talking about the kill cam. I’m talking about my own screen. Before I died my pellets registered and it showed in my screen. They implemented that to see how much damage/pellets you hit.

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Gotcha. :v::sunglasses:

The scion has a crystal shield so higher defense not sure if a gib in the first shot is possible.

I’m playing king of the hill not arcade

Oh wow then that clarifies that character abilities are in rank because he had a shield in your video.

Lol no abilities.

That clip is from arcade. Not KOTH You can see when he gets that kill by the ammo box the point goes from 2 to 3

@ll_R_E_D_l ok coo I was about say scion would be op

Oh yeah you right it was arcade. Maybe that character he had did have the stim ability but still doesn’t negate the fact that the shot didn’t register. Just want to make sure it’s not an issue because that was rampant in g4.