Shotgun is just random

Swear the bug is back in the game where shots aren’t registered properly.
85% after 85% yet we’re at the same distance apart . .Damage is just random now in this game .
Six shots need to go back to 8 with a full mag on reload . If you’ve design this to chip away at players as of now your using at least 3 shots in that first engagement before other enemies join the mix .
I’d prefer a revert back before this shotgun update .


100% agree with this!
Maybe last night was a fluke. Hopefully, because it was just an awful experience.

Back to your point, playing Gnasher only KOTH, I was constantly running out of ammo in the middle of fight because it would honestly take like 5 shots to down someone. I’ll be the first to admit, my aim isn’t perfect, but you can go from Monday night one shoting everything in sight, to not being able to kill someone with an entire clip(?) of shotgun shells.

Regardless, I feel a weaker Gnasher demands it’s old 8 rounds per reload.

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Wait until you get in rooms with people that have3 times your ping… sponging for days. Feel like I’m firing marshmallows.

No idea why I still play this game anymore, get frustrated more then having fun. They keep changing the shotgun and I just can’t keep up anymore.

I don’t really think it’s anymore random than it was previously. If you’re getting 85% consistently you’re for sure just shooting at the old one-shot range.

After playing a lot more I think the new range is mostly fine maybe they can increase it just a tiny bit but it feels okay right now.

Ofc, I agree with the gun returning to 8-shots.

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This was my exact experience last night. My whole team, pings around 30ms, the entire enemy team around 90ms.

Then there would randomly be the one guy on the other team with a decent ping, and I would alway be surprised when I was able to one-shot him.

Thought I was the only one getting constant 85 damage

@untouchable_lou If you keep getting 85% then doesn’t that make it consistent and not random?

You can repeatedly test the gib range in a private match and see for yourself.

Nothing is broken or random or much less RNG like some people call it. I know there is lag, region, ping, packet loss, etc.

But i’m only talking about the distance and damage.

85% means you are at the line of chunk or no chunk.

Yeah, that’s what I was telling him. The 85% is just the old gib range.

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Thats the point. Choose your shots wisely! Lower ammo makes for skill play. Then random shots because of full clips!

The shotgun was more consistent before the update than what it is now . I’ve been in gib range and got a hit marker then I die when we’re the same distance . I’ve gib outside the new gib range . I’ve got to hit players twice when there down to get a kill .