Shotgun is broken

The shotgun is 100% broken you can sneak up on someone shoot 4 shots and they turn around and one shot you… since gears one it is not the same game. You even changed the crosshair on the sniper Which is one of the of the best parts of
The game. Now
You shoot someone in the head and it hits the arm. Completely ruined the whole game. Ever since the update my shot gun shoots through the persons body. You are catering to people that don’t know how to play the game! Now you can
Stand still and do better than ppl that have spent time
Figuring out how to wall bounce. Ultimate edition is the only thing that was okay. Gears 5has been nothing but a let down since the update completely ruined the game for me! Why change a game so much from what was a success???


I kno it happens in every gears its a shame…


Just play the old one if ur so mad


I agree Borden. The shotgun is completely broken. The game creators disregard such a important asset to the games lack of success. I could be up close to someone and only hit one to two pellets on them multiple times, then they one shot me. It happens every single game and it’s destroying the game. The creators need to actually play their game and realize this because multiple times a day people post this exact post and they still can’t comprehend what’s wrong with the game. I have a great fix! Revert to gears of war 1! That was actually a good game, not a dying game like all of the other versions that came out. No wonder why your game sells for 20$ a few months later every time a version comes out. Nothing beats gears one. Perfect shotguns, perfect quick scopes, can ACTUALLY blind fire and do sick shots. Now it’s catering to noobs that hard aim around corners. Makes zero sense.

Lastly, off topic, Mr. Flankey, you clearly have never played any other gears in your life if your hanging out in a forum roasting people that speak facts and want their voice heard, I heard McDonalds is hiring.


Trying to copy call of duty to much

I agree. Gears 1 was a classic. So we’ll designed that it even got remastered for a second round of success. The mechanics of gears five feel like I’m playing with a robot and that my shotgun is revolving around in an orbit. I never know the direction of the shots. There be times so cut and dry that I body a person with the shotgun and it either completely misses or hits 2-4 pellets. Meanwhile my counterpart will shoot me through his back and blow me up. I’ve had shots go through people and appear on the wall behind them but get no indication of a hit. I’ve had times in battle where my shotgun doesn’t even appear to be shooting. Roadie running is dead because there seems to be a lag between when you stop running and shoot. Blind firing around a corner is useless because you either miss or won’t even shoot leaving you expose to be bodied by a first time player who waddles around the map aimlessly hard aiming. The shotgun is almost essentially useless now. I don’t even want to play this game anymore because of it. Shotguns and snipers have be a crucial part of this game the entire series and to disregard these issues seems almost irresponsible and careless on their part. They’re gonna lose a massive following to cater to some hard scoping newbies over the seasoned wall bouncing competitive Veterans of the community who have played gears for years… it’s sad.


Look, I’m a casual and I don’t even like the way things are now. I’ve been using the gnasher more online, and you know what’s wierd? In co-op vs AI, it works way better than in say… FFA or a game with other players on the opposing team. I have little to no issue getting appropriate elims with a gnasher there on any difficulty, but the moment I play actual players on another team, the gnasher stops functioning completely from how it should and suddenly it’s you hit them face on and it misses, and they get you every time. Perhaps it’s a ping issue, or maybe it’s rigged


This is straight facts in almost every other gears the shotguns are alot better I was doing 1v1 and I shot a guy 5times and did 30damage I shot him up close again and did straight 99 and it’s straight bs (so if the creators are in fact looking you really need to fix the shotgun it makes it almost impossible to kill someone with out good luck or a chain saw