Shotgun damage nerf

Yikes, I had thought that was part of the complaint, but I didn’t want to assume.

I just recorded a clip last night on 5 where, granted I missed my shot, but my opponent killed me. The problem with that is that the end of the barrel wasn’t aimed in my direction. Even watching the kill cam it looked like I was beside the length of the barrel when they fired.

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How’d you get my game play vid lol. This was my gears 4 experience . It got better with time but not much.

That is such a misunderstanding.

Like, we know that already!

There was and is confusion about what is going on.

Yes, we know it is a third person shooter, but we are concerned that it HAS NOT always been like this. How did that even explain what is really going on? We are referring to the fact that any noob can hit a shot, that you can feel your aim/reticle moving on its own.

The thing is that people started talking about turning OFF aim assist when in reality it should’ve been to DECREASE aim assist.

TC came out, “Oh, uh, it has always been like this. You gotta have aim assist on console.”

So absolutely irritating, frustrating, and infuriating.

How in the world can anyone think that it has always been like this? It is a confusion.

That video that went “viral” from shooting the swarm character on Asylum is the problem. Yes, it shows something that is exaggerated - you couldn’t do that to such extent before.

Then the Domez clips on Foundation and Exhibit - same thing, hasn’t always been to that extent.

That isn’t even the issue for me, my problem is that they refuse to do anything about the aim assist besides a personal toggle for it.


Your 100% right. Aim Assist (as well as the general movement) should be public enemies #1 at this point. If aim assist is decreased then we would have a better understanding of what weapon power is actually like. You can tell a big difference when you play execution or escalation in terms of shotgun damage being nerfed, Very close to competitive tuning on Gears 4 in my estimation.


Feel like he may have accidentally barrel stuff’d you while he was strafing to realign with your teammate

Good thing it’s not. That’s overkill btw

Pretty much my Gears experience since TC took over. I’m not gonna spam a bunch of videos in here but if you are interested in seeing more examples/compilations of horse-sh** in Gears, you can get to other videos of mine through that link. My account isn’t monetized so it’s not like I need clicks/views. lol.

I agree with the majority of people in this thread, we can’t judge the weapon tunings effectively until TC fixes this bull💩.

As you can see in the video, this dude kills me while none of my character is in view of where he’s aiming. In fact the guy even thinks he misses as he turns to the left ready to take another shot. This aim-assist or whatever it is, is an absolute joke.

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This is a great example of why developers should ignore cries for nerfs. Nerfs ruin multiplayer games.

That said, I don’t recall anyone asking to have Macs bleed damage card dramtically nerfed. What gives, TC?

Sure, you’re going to eventually raise the level cap for skill cards but in the meantime the original damage for that card was needed in higher difficulties.

Will you just look at that drawing plz. LOL. This is seriously hilarious. Thank you for posting that.

Do they call it a triangle because my shots get lost or disappear sometimes?

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Which literally solves nothing. Great, I have the choice to turn it off, but why would I when everyone else will have it on for the advantage. Makes no sense.


Played Execution today for the first time and it was insane how much I was dodging gnasher shots. It was pretty nice not having shots automatically guided to me like heat-seeking missiles.

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It needs less range and damage, as does everything else. Rifles need a damage drop off at long range, Flash bangs need to be a pick up and not stun behind cover, mulcher needs more recoil and less damage, there is so much that needs sorting.

Its all small things that add up to make a big problem.


See, that is a simple yet effective idea!

For the Gnasher, I would say keep it’s current range, but scale the damage. The closer you get the more damage you do. Start it with almost no damage at it’s farthest range and so on. On top of that reduce it’s total damage a little too.

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Im good with that, after they sort out the aim assist i think the full eight shots to the gnasher should come back and remove the weird reload mechanic where you only end up reloading 3 shots as well.

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Because people want a CONSISTENT experience across all modes.

How about a CONSISTENT experience across the WHOLE GAME?