Shotgun damage nerf

It would be nice if the shotgun didn’t damage you from so far away. This game is so much easier than gears 4 that literally anyone can just come and hip fire one shot you. I appreciated the grind of learning the hard way in the previous gears games but this is just catering to casuals and you can really see it. :frowning:


Obviously you never saw Snipe gnasher from Gears Ultimate.


Lmao exactly, you can literally headshot people with gnasher from 1923812 feet away in that game

The gnasher strength isn’t the problem with casuals being catered… there’s so much more to it.
-Inaccurate hit marks
-Improved aim assist

I still do 99% and 97% with gnasher in 1 hit from literally the definition of point-blank. In gears 4, I did 94% and 87% mostly. So no, the gnasher definitely doesn’t need a nerf :smiley:


Yup. You hardly have to have your pellets hit the first shot and the second shot is a down EVERY time.

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Agree. Gnasher needs to get nerfed and that red damage screen gotta change too. Once you get shot you see nothing,
So how would you react?
Escalation on gears 4 let you wallbounce making your opponent miss some shots and BANG they’re brain flies all over the place.

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They first need to nerf the aim assist and magnetism so we can really see the weapon balance, the true one at least.

The slower movement with the aim assist reduces the skill gap so much.

Right now, they only have a toggle for aim assist planned. The flashbang will be changed, so there’s that.


4s core shotgun is actually pretty ridiculous too tbh…

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Nah damage I fine, the super saiyan auto aim suite is the issue.

I never ever want to experience anything like the melee range gib ‘competitive’ gnasher again.


If it was upto me, gnasher would be a map weapon only

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No, it’s needed as a starting weapon, it’s just all weapon balance has gone to shhhhhhhh,

2shot hardaims with gnasher at medium range doesn’t create fun gameplay, the current lancer cancer needs no explaining

Everything’s too strong, I miss working for my kills, 2ppl chasing each other round cover taking half accurate shots to keep the other player damaged enough to risk moving in for the kill was where it was at

Each to their own tho, if your enjoy this, more power to you, I for one tho, am out


It’s a Frankenstein mismatch of a load of the worst parts of some of the worst titles thrown together to rinse a market full of easy targets that accept being told what they want, it’s not for me.


The gnasher was absolutely perfect in Gears 4.



They upped the shotty dmg cause they upped the lancer dmg. In all honesty all the weapons need a nerf. This isn’t the way gears should be.


Agreed. All weapons are too powerful.


That omen is the worst thing to see when youre fighting anybody but the T800’s especially.


This to me is the best explanation of what close up combat should be. Especially given this game is based on using cover.


Dude you moved so fast that you actually time warped in front of your own shot and your head absorbed all of your pellets and then your head blew up. Perfectly acceptable explanation.


I knew it, I KNEW IT

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Yeah, I remember getting off shots like that in 4 too only to have the same thing happen…

Except for the random death like that. Your head was popped, did you get sniped?

Either way that dude should have died.

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No. The gif stopped short but the full clip shows I was shot by his elbow somehow.

I couldn’t agree more gears 5 was my last gears I’m buying. I moved back to gears 4 gears 5 is trash

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