Shot gun needs a revert

Shot gun is more inconsistent then ever and caters to noobs even more with hard aims… Please fix this since the update all my friends recently have discontinued playin gears and keep sayin how bad it is after the update

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Agreed. Short range point blanks need to increased interms of damage. Im hitting 84s 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 93 95 98 99. When they should be a clear one shot!!! Fix ur game!!!

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I disagree, shotgun is perfect right now.


Mr. 20k in 2v2 knows what he is talking about :cowboy_hat_face:


I blanked some one while he was unaware pickin up a GL and i seen all the pellets he should’ve been dead but his teammate instantly ran up to me an one shots me… This was what the connection looked like good ping in this game doesnt help … Up A and back A were nerfed so bad and shotguns feel like im gettin sniped… If youre in a 2 v 1 and u get hard aimed ur dead… An cant counter as easily … Before this second update the gnasher felt like gears 3 there was instances where it was fair an we traded shots and both died now that rarely happens

If you’re having issues going for one shots have you tried just 2 shotting? The reason the gnasher is the way it is is because it was useless past the magic gib range. You either did no damage or killed them instantly for the most part. The new gnasher rewards people who can hit consistent shots. In your case with the guy picking up the GL, it’s hard to point out the gib range since there’s no video showing what happened, however, I can definitely say that this gnasher is much better and consistent, it just take getting used to. Rather than going in for one shots, it’s usually better now to just start shooting them sooner from a bit further away in order to chip/down them than go for a gib. You can still play for one shots but you’ll need good movement, patience, and timing, because you actually need to be close to the opponent now to insta kill them.

In that situation you should’ve been able to judge if you would have enough time to get close enough before he starts running off with the GL to kill him, or if you couldn’t then you popshot/ hard aim him and then chase him while shooting him until he goes down, or retreat if his entire team is there. Now if you shot a little too early and we’re just outside gib range with a 98% or something like that, then yes, it does feel bad, but that’s the mechanic and risk reward of the gib now, if you misjudge you might die for it because you have to be close, rather than before when people just took random shots and hoped it was a gib cause the range was too long to actually visually tell if the shot would kill or not. You have to sort of get in the “this guy will take 2 shots” mentality and prepare accordingly, unless you can visually tell with 100% certainty that the guy is going to die if I hit this shot, I.E. point blank or almost point blank range. I quite like it cause you have to think and work for your kills, which is ultimately more satisfying. Very seldom have I thought “I shouldn’t have gotten that kill” or “i shouldn’t have gotten killed there” because the ranges I’ve been getting 2 shot and gibbed at makes sense.

Not reverted the gib range needs to be lower cos im still getting one shotted and they need to remove the stupid delay when you run and try to shoot
Idk it needs to change cos im shooting people at close to medium range like 4 5 times and they arent getting down it does no damage idk how people are complaining it does too much damage i get like 94 in 4 hits when really he should have been down in the second or third shot
Its the pellet sytem in the shotgun it should just be one pellet that spreads and does the same damage

No more reverts or drastic changes. Just tweak or improve on what’s there. The Gnasher honestly feels fine now. People need to get better and just stop whining.


my friend @Nineteenth_Hour I have to agree with Mr. Wolf @anon32088142 here I do think the gnasher feels quite on point.

perhaps the mid range of weapon could improve but overall it feels on point .


Yes I was agreeing with him :slight_smile:


now that the gnasher feels great I use it more that the boomshot tbh man @Nineteenth_Hour

its quite a ride killing the f*** robots with it hahahahaha

the lancer still feels it needs more stopping power, it feels like a super soaker at this point .

Yeah I got rushed by a Gnasher a few days ago and I had lancer trained on him for several seconds but it didn’t stop him running up and gibbing me :sweat: I have to try using the Snub more often.

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The lancer is still quite strong. If it had anymore stopping power than it did it would make the gnasher even harder to use, because the meta is still lancer and cross dominated at the higher levels and it’s quite annoying. The lancer already got slight buff because the gib range was reduced meaning they have to get closer while being shot in the face by a lancer which even before would already leave you almost full red. In arcade you can literally kill someone in 5 shots to the head, in core you have aim assist making body and headshots much easier, which I believe the majority of players play in those two modes (I think?). Remember it’s not just the one lancer, imagine 2 or 3 lancers at once, remember GOW4 core lancer? I don’t want to relive those times. If you’ve played horde than you know how annoying it is to be double or triple crossed by Claw’s, you literally can’t move forwards or backwards (cause stopping power works when moving in ALL directions for some reason) so that would make the lancer even more dominant than it already is.

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Hi @Misogii

It has to be then something about the feeling of the weapon, for example in GOW 4 the lancer feels quite strong and with lots of stopping power , even as much as the gnasher in a way.

It just gives me the idea that in mid range the lancer feels kind of weak, however I do acknowledge the point you stated before, perhaps I have to get used to the new lancer without a doubt.

the freedom lancer ( aka LANCER GL) its perhaps the closest feeling it gives as the original lancer on GOW 4 in terms of power and overall performance.

Can you provide clips so I can see what you’re experiencing because 4 close range shots, if they are good shots, should never be the case to down someone. You can go to to link clips from your profile.

In terms of balancing, you have changed your mind about the revert, but you want even shorter gib range? Now I guess it would better than making the gib range bigger, but I think where it’s at now is ok, simply stating that you’re getting one shot is not enough reason for a nerf. If someone is going for a one shot after running up to you, as you’ve said, there is a delay between when they can shot again after running, so use that window to kill them first. Or, you can simply walk back or keep a short distance and 2/3 shot them. If you’re having issues downing people quickly then I can’t help but think you’re whiffing or grazing a lot of shots, because I’ve been able to consistently 2 shot as long as I hit good pellet spreads. It could also be a ping related issue as well.

Yeah the GL I’d say bullet for bullet is weaker than the regular lancer but it’s fire rate and precision make it a much better gun at those mid range encounters, though it’s recoil can be quite strong. The difference though is that the GL is a pickup, whereas EVERYONE has a lancer. I think if you’re crossing at mid range, the point is to get them hurt before going into a fight (usually a power position or the hill in KOTH), and make them fight at a disadvantage or force them to wait to heal up before going in, Not down/kill them. Obviously with enough bullets you can but for the most part if the mid range damage becomes good/too good then it makes moving around maps very hard, especially if you’re getting crossed at ranges where tactical grenades won’t reach. I’m surprised you feel like the lancer is weak, because from what Im hearing it’s actually considered to be quite decent and strong still. But yeah if you make the lancer like how it was at launch (where it had great midrange damage) it made one/two people in a good position for crossing (like the old up top on icebound) be able to hold off an entire team almost if they were trying to get power weapons, flanks, or objectives.

The problem with these delays @Lil_Zeddy mentions is there is no way to capture them in a video. You press the button to shoot your gun and no bullets come out. No video is going to prove if and when you pressed the button. This is the main problem I have with the new gnasher: It’s not just that the damage curve has changed and I need to adapt; the real problem is that it doesn’t shoot when it’s supposed to and when it does shoot there are hit detection issues that are worse than ever. I’m telling you: when they changed the gnasher damage curvey they also messed around with lag compensation or some other part of the netcode.

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I think the delay he is talking about is the delay after you’re able to shoot from a roadie run, because he specifically mentions “the stupid delay when you run and try to shoot”. That’s what I got anyway.

As for the real in game shot unregistration and nothing coming out when the trigger is pulled, I too have experienced something like that when I would switch to another gun while getting shot. I would pull the trigger and no bullets would come out until I pulled the trigger again. I actually created a thread on it but it disappeared in the pages a while ago, but apparently TC might be looking into it as they were previously unaware of the issue, at least I think. Another issue might just be ping, cause if you shoot at roughly the same time you die and you have higher ping than the other person, or just high/medium ping, your shot usually doesn’t come out despite making the noise. That’s been in gears since I can remember, at least from GOW3 onwards. I’m not sure if they can fix that too much.

He did explicitly mention the delay when shooting from roadie run. It feels like this delay got worse when the gnasher was changed. If I try to accommodate for the longer delay by shooting earlier than I would have in the past, I get 83% (a lot of the time 10%) and the opponent gibs me. Often the opponent who gibs me is not moving towards me so the distance from which he gibs me is the same distance from which I get 83% on him.
I personally have experienced delays when shooting from cover, not from a roadie run. This one happens maybe 1 out of every 20 times ,so it’s not a constant thing, but when it does happen it’s real bad, like possibly a full second delay.
Along with these delays, since the gnasher was changed I’ve also been seeing a nearly constant problem where opponents’ movement is very choppy as if I’m only seeing every 5th animation frame.
The game just basically took a giant nose dive after that gnasher update. I was doing pretty well beforehand. Tonight I didn’t even finish my second match. Someone from my team quit and I just shut off my Xbox and spent the night playing guitar.


Well part of the reason they gib you is because you are moving forward towards them, you have to be if you are running at them (even assuming the enemy is standing completely still which is unlikely in gears). No one just roadies and then stands still to shoot. Also getting a full spread can be very important, but it seems that 83% or damages around that is about what the max full damage shot does outside gib range, so it was just unfortunately poor timing most likely.

As for delays and choppy gameplay I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced what you have but it sounds like an overall gameplay issue that only you seem to be experiencing, at least in the particular areas you’re having issues in, save for maybe the game stuttering, which depends largely on what platform you play on.

I’ve noticed no noticeable delay increases from running, it’s still quite fast for me, but I also for the most part have good internet so that could be a factor.

When shooting from cover, do you mean getting off of cover? Because if you stand up looking in a certain direction from cover, sometimes your character needs to do a prolonged animation to get back to your neutral stance pose (which is annoying), and if your blind fire shooting over cover and you flip stances/switch movement directions from left to right or vice versa that can also delay your shot.