Short Horde Please

I know this has been discussed before, but I have never seen an explanation: Why can we not have a shorter version of HORDE. A game at 3 hours or so is simply too long for most. It doesn’t feel that difficult and it has already been done, albeit for limited times, in the past. I have seen this request before - can someone explain why we can’t get it done?


I used to love horde - it’s what got me hooked on gears 4.

After playing 50 waves on master on reclaimed that took 3 hours and 2 minutes, I’ve not played more than 20 rounds.

The Halloween event was great, we need rolling variants like gears 4 used to do. My guess is that they can’t get it work…

Yes, Gears 4 had several shorter Horde variants and, i believe, 5 had a short variant already, didn’t it?

I do not understand why they don’t keep a SHORT HORDE option all the time. It would certainly cut down on quitters (who don’t have 3 hours). I am going to end up being an early quitter (which I hate) or just not playing, cause I don;t have 3 hours.

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Gears 5 has a shorter variant again… jingle juvies. Go get it.

Host a shorter game…start wv 25 ect…just put it in your game description so peeps know before joining :grin:

I appreciate the thought. But I’d have to start by myself on wave 25 (or 1). either way, you start with no teammates.

No m8…if you set up custom open to pubs…peeps join n away you go…start any wave…merry xmas😁

Horde light will be coming most likely op3 probably with level six cards as well. Not confirmed but devs have mentioned working on these things and releasing them in the future

Thanks for this tip.
I’ve started doing this. It works fairly well. I haven’t tried on real hard difficulties yet. Not sure if it will translate. Level 31 seems the best place to start. The extra case started there is also pretty useful.

Still not real easy to get joiners. You can wait awhile, especially if you are in the “lobby”

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Sher the thing to do is start your custom lobby…pick your character…if a couple drop in…start your game as others will join😁

Shorter horde…will help with quitting…most players want to do 50…let the others join shorter format…eliminate some of the quitting issues.