Short form horde should be a permanent thing

Played the terminator horde event. While I did fighting the same enemy over and over boring, I DID enjoy having a horde experience that didnt take two and a half hours. I actually love a good session of fifty waves but with two kids and a job I just don’t always have time. But I did twenty waves in an hour and it was really nice. So I’d love a 25 wave horde express, boss/mini boss every five waves. Good times.

Edit: I’m not saying eliminate the full 50 wave mode. I’m saying let’s have a 20 or 25 wave horde in addition to the horde we have now.


I’d appreciate both. I love 50 waves of horde on a Sunday afternoon when there’s nothing else to do but I would like a small 20/25 wave horde for in the week.


Right right that’s what I was saying. I certainly don’t mean to say they should eliminate 50 wave horde. A 50 wave run is great fun. I’m saying we should have both. And no I don’t want “just do it in private.” There should be each option, IMO.

I’m sure they’ll add it in future.


Agreed. I actually liked the terminator horde event and normally I don’t like short horde but I did this time round and clearly it’s what the players want so it should be added and hopefully they do add it.

I just hope they don’t mess it up and accidentally delete 50 wave horde. Lol.

In Gears 4, shorter modes were added later. Modes like juvies madness and monster mash were made permanently available for private. I think more options will be added later.

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I need juvie madness for my ToD medal!


Yeah. That one took a while.

Yeah this would be a very welcome change. I think everyone feels that 50 is a bit too long to a casual game of horde . We dont all have 2 hours uninterrupted time lol. I know I would play horde much more if we had a 20/25 round horde.

Is there a 25 wave variant option available in custom? I looked and noticed that you can set the match to start on any wave, but what about a 25 wave option?

Gears 4 implemented it halfway thru its lifecycle. Hopefully we wont have to wait that long again.

Adding a 25 wave Horde mode with skill card rewards is a win for me…

So why not just make custom matches that start at 30?

It just isn’t the same :wink:

I hope they continue with the 25 wave variant like they did in 4 and have a permanent playlist of just standard horde at 25 waves while having the weekly special playlists

Short form horde should of become the new default and have a wave 50 version an option in Custom Horde lobbies. I say this because in public horde it is a rare occurrence for a team to stay 5 players throughout the match.

I honestly don’t understand why people still subject themselves to that. Stacks and custom lobbies make the whole experience so much more tolerable (Leebro44 appearances not withstanding).

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Yeah when I still played this game actively I switched to custom horde as it is just better but that doesn’t mean TC should ignore those who play Public only

You can start off at wave 25 or whatever other wave you know. Custom match is all you need to do. If you mean in terms of quickplay then yeah, I agree with that.