Short changed on card packs

Why are we being short changed on card packs ?

Horde booster - 5 cards in pack of which if you have duplicates you can rescrap and get some

scrap back

Unless you get a bronze skin in your pack !

You cant rescrap a Bronze skin - so I currently have 6 duplicate skins of Bronze weapons

30 scrap total but i cant reclaim .

So if you get a bronze skin in your pack you effectivly only get 4 cards , but your charged for 5

Either the bronze cards need to be made scrappable or removed from the deck

You mean the bronze weapons?

If so they don’t come in any of the Gear packs. You get them based on your ranked versus mode placements at the end of each season. The same goes for silver, gold etc weapon skins. I’ve got several duplicates myself.

Bronze skins are manually awarded by TC to your account after versus seasons. They’re not in horde packs

Whichever way they are given, once you have one more than one, there useless you cant scrap
them so why keep giving them out… its NVA

TC probably didn’t allow those to be scrapped due to the ability of getting a lot of scrap and so they were locked down like all those useless JD and Wepaon Skins …