Shooting system of equalized matches

I do not want to criticize everything, the game has both well done things and other bad things. But these days I’ve been playing Gears 1 and 2, and I wish I could go back to that shotgun. Gears 4 I’m noticing that the shotgun knocks down in 2 shots, instead of bursting opponents.
I think the competitive system is much better programmed. But what would be an intermediate point? Am I the only one who wants it for GEARS5?
Something apart … I also think that active reloads should be as in previous game, depending on the bullets you spend, to avoid “Lancers” from minute 0.

I agree about the actives.

I would agree about the Gnasher but only if they fix the high ping advantage. Competitive feels great in low ping lobbies but the tuning becomes unbearable if someone is pinging about 80ms.

my shotgun gibs on the 2nd shot usually

No, there’s a lot of people that favour competitive tuning. Sadly, they’re all wrong.

I agree with the actives though, it was more of a “chance” that you got your active in the original trilogy. If you messed it up, that was it. In my opinion the current “Active System” is a handicap.

“Oh, you missed your active? Don’t worry, little one! Keep trying! Unlimited clips for all!”

It’s pathetic.

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Totally agree with you about active recharges.
About the shooting system, I do not ask for the competitive system, I think the most intelligent would be an intermediate system between the two

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It’s very simple. One tuning. The original tuning, which is Core. The clue is in the name, “Core”. Default, main, etc.

Some will disagree with me but I’m sure everyone agrees there cannot be such a division of the community in the next Gears. I for one am not looking forward to more countless tuning posts on this forum for Gears 5.

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Of course, I do not want division in the community.
I want to find a proper shooting system so that Gears5 does not happen these things. That’s why I open debate about which one is appropriate. For me an average between equaled and competitive.

Maybe they should have made it so a missed active resets the “battery”. It may not have necessarily hurt anything, but people emptying their clips at the beginning of a match (or before making a push) was dumb.

I don’t care what the tuning is as long as consistent… sometimes in games it feels like the enemy is one tuning and you are the other.

Gnasher battles get to feeling like

And whether you get to be the Chuck Norris or not is a 50/50 toss up.


Yes, it may seem dumb but it was somewhat traditional on Gears. It should be reverted.

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But he had his “ability” to recharge, and he had his reward. Now if you fail you can do it infinitely again

:joy: oh god you’ve done it again.


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Chuck Norris is so tough his gnasher always gibs, at any range :wink:

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