Shooting over cover on this game is a joke

When somebody is on the other side of cover than you and you aim over to shpoot them its a 50/50 chance theyll die or sponge. Fix it for Gears5 pls


You have to let them shoot first then you have a split second to shoot back as they are going back into cover.

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Didn’t they just tune this up not too long ago? I feel like I remember they were making cover fire much faster but to go ‘back in’ to cover takes a fraction longer than it used to.

I completely forgot about it until now… and I’m now realizing why my over cover shooting game has been so off lately. Slap them with 30 - 60% and then I get sploded on the duck back in.

Yup. So all you gotta do is let them shoot first and catch them on their way down.

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I may be wrong but wasn’t this only on comp tuning?

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If the Coalition changed the way it works, then they broke something in the process.

No idea, lol. I know comp for sure but I thought it had rolled out to core as well. I could be mistaken though, I honestly can’t remember.

Way too much has been changed from the get go. 2 separate tunings is far beyond me but comp tuning at launch had more of that old gears feel (at least that’s my opinion)


It’s something I don’t really do but just love the typo in the OP. Shpooting someone should be a thing. :+1:


Only really annoying thing is using Torque over cover. Adds a delay for…no reason.

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I agree 100%

Careful, saying this game is a joke may get your post flagged and removed. lol

Idk if its Gears or myself but this has always been one of the weakest apspects of my game. I mostly come out on the losing end so I try to avoid the “shooting over cover” scenario as much as possible. But trust me…I know how you feel

Cover in gears 4 is terrible. I’m mainly a horde player and play versus off and on but not ranked due to the rank system setup and server continuing issues. No matter what mode you play the cover is really not cover, example blind firing you still get hit hard unlike it was in gears 3, explosives still will kill you or do good damage while behind cover.