Shooting, nothing happening?

Anyone else pulling right trigger… Dying a whole second later and you didn’t shoot, apparently?

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Welcome to Gears 5 stick around a bit and it gets even better. I’ve been shot through walls, through teammates and I’ve even been killed while behind the person I’m shooting at point blank. It’s a total blast.


Anyone have a solution for this glitch?

I’ve heard alt controls does this out of a slide. I play alternate but usually don’t have an issue

Sometimes they load blanks in the gnasher just for funzies

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I’ve teleported through cover too…


Tbf that’s just gears of war in general

I’ve had this ■■■■ go on since gears 1 :rofl:

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LoL I’ve not had that one happen to me… Yet.

Definitely sounds like lag something Gears of War is famous for