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Shock Sentries are they really usefull?

In horde the gun sentries can mow down most enemies fast,but the shock sentries do little more then push enemies away if anything at all so are they really worth the power investment to use?


Shock has further range, stuns enemies to stop them shooting back temporary, slows them down, quick to refill and can still kill small + non-DBNO enemies. Even team mates can repair them easily and fast, including Jack.

I would prefer Shock for offensive frontlines and MG for backup if flyers get in.


As already stated, Shocks are cheaper and easier to refill, and i prefer them to MG Sentries, but for some stupid reason The Coalition decided to create a Skill Card to increase the damage, up to 30% (Baird)
I like to create games with lots of Shocks, and they kill effectively, you just need more than 2. I like to make them in sets of three. They also look better, take up less room to set up and quieter.
However, they are also a matter of choice, most people want Sentries, and most people complain about them too.

Are they mainly usefull for base defence like gun sentries or can the be used in other ways?

I think they are highly useful and I prefer them over the other sentrys. Lvl 4 shock sentrys are great in my opinion.

100% yes they are. As others have stated they have superior range and staggers enemies, offering great defense. They don’t do as much damage, but that is a plus. It means they offer good support, but won’t leave your non engineer friends without something to do. Nothing worse than an engineer building machine gun sentries too soon hogging all kills. Shocks can also be built too early, but they are not as intruding.

Make a level 4 Shock Sentry and see how far it reaches, if you build enough you can actually go out in to the map and they will protect you. The are absolutely awesome for base defences, put them at the back of your base and put MG Sentries at the front, and watch the show.
I was in a game once where i did nothing, Shocks shocked and where they were not killed by the MG Sentries, the Shocks recharged and finished the job.
The Coalition should change the Skill Card for Baird and have it say Sentries and not MG Sentries, i would use the Shocks over the MG any day.
Experiment, have fun, then make your own mind up.

Shock sentries are essential. Make sure they are maxed. I put shock sentries over max turrets. Depends on the map and your positioning.