Shifting Character in versus?

Is it me or has it change?I cant change the Character anymore.I am FAHZ all the time.
Hard doing TOD goals with it.

I know in versus quickplay if I have that 20 eliminations with Mac then I’m unable to play as him despite selecting him and the game spawns me as Faz.

I have to head over to arcade to complete that challenge.

I have something similar happen when I try to change characters in versus. I have to select a new character several times before it registers. Very annoying.

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The menu for Gears 5 is seriously messed up. You pretty much can only change Versus character by searching for a ranked match and changing it then.

It’s pathetic. There should also be separate faction customisation for weapon skins as there was in Gears 4. The music is good, but everything else about this menu is poor.


Let’s not mention the backwards weapon skin customization compared to Gears 4. How they ever thought applying them universally instead of a per character or faction basis was a good idea is beyond me. When it already was per faction in 4 and they even separated Versus and Horde for customization.

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Similar topic, different instance… but have you or anyone else noticed how messed up the main menu is since the most recent update? It used to only display you preferred COG character on the main menu, now it’s just randomly any character. One day Jack, another day Swarm hunter, next day Mac, followed by the Scion.

I want to love this game, but its the little things that make me question if the time I’m investing in it will be worth it in the long run.

Yeah, I’ve noticed this. Does it have anything to do with which character you most recently played as? I could be wrong since I haven’t paid too much attention to it, but it seems when I play escape, it shows Mac; when I play versus, it’s the COG gear or the warden; and when I play horde it’s JD—all the characters I usually play as.

Yeah, I’ve noticed it too. Been that way since the last title update iirc, and there’s no telling if anyone from TC has taken notice of this. It’s switching between my Horde character, Escape character and Versus character(s). I’d prefer to just set it to one or two characters permanently.

My point exactly, customisation was perfected on Gears 4. People like myself enjoy specific characters for each faction in Versus combined with specific weapon skins, the same applies to the COG character in Horde.

Horde can’t be saved, it’s doomed. It was doomed from the moment they decided to limit abilities to certain characters. Versus’ customisation however, has not.