Share your tips when playing as Combat Medic in Horde


I need your collective wisdom.

So, the time has come for me to finish leveling up Combat Medic. It’s still level 18.

What cards do you use when playing Horde?

Any useful tips for game play etc?

Share your experience with me. Dos and Don’ts

I’ve not played as Combat Medic that many times, but I just fulfil a support role with rifles - usually Lancer and Lancer GL.

I typically use:

Custom Lancer
Perfect Condition
Helpful Headshots

And the last card varies, but I use either Over Doing It; or Intervention.

Supressive Charges seems useful, but the reality is that Team Revive recharges reasonably quick anyway, and unless you’re playing with really awful players I find that I don’t need to use Team Revive too excessively. The standard cooldown (along with the perk upgrade for cooldown) is usually enough for me and I wouldn’t forego running around for normal revives if team mates went down given that CM is reasonably tanky.

And I always make a point to move around the base occasionally, hit a few headshots to give team mates stim, and rotate every so often, but I always make a note to sit near at least one team mate to keep them stimmed.


Do you use Team Repair?

Last night I played on Blood Drive with no Engie, so I put Team Repair and had Suppressive Charge on me too.

I built 3 barriers ( level 1) and kept them alive with my Ult.
It worked great and I used grenades to recharge my Ult.

But I’m not sure most CM actually use that card :thinking:

I’ve not really had much millage out of Team Repair to be honest, but then again in these games where I’ve used it as CM, we’ve also had an engineer who dealt with repairs. I’ve not tried it before for runs without an engineer but I guess it would be useful.

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I’m gearing up to be kicked out of a lot of lobbies :laughing: Nobody wants CMs anymore.

I use the same setup as Bleeding Pepper does, even down to the fifth card. I pick Intervention/Overdoing It mostly at random and hoping it’ll fit the match I’m about to enter. Healing Bounty is theoretically useful but Medic doesn’t have enough card slots. I never use Team Repair since most of my pub matches have no engineers in them. If you have a trusted engineer then it might be worth taking as a 5th card.

Lancers are your friends. Sustained active reload headshots can pour out some decent DPS. Also headshots will keep you and everyone near you alive. You can tank and get away with a lot if you just hit your headshots rapidly and accurately. Alternatively you can hold a Longshot as a secondary I guess since Medics have access to +50% crit damage perk. It helps charge your ult as well.

Speaking of ult charge, with maxed perk you should be able to use your ult once a wave with no worries. Don’t be shy and yell at people to get up often. At the same time don’t just waste it on single DBNOs (obviously, you most likely know that).

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When has anyone wanted the Combat Medic ANYTIME? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Don’t ? :sweat_smile:
Seriously I did stick to easy Hives with mine, never really did well with him in Horde.

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Me. Vermelo is fun to listen to. Oh wait, OP5 happened. Well I still like medics, they’re solid support.

People who still think CM sucks are sleeping under a rock and they need to catch up.

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  • Resistance Card - Dodge, Perfect Condition, Overdoing It

  • Overdoing it - a must-bring card when there’s CQC Classes only for Infiltrator / Blademaster, others seems pretty useless like Brawler that the Class doesn’t have resistance at all

  • Intervention - mostly used in Escape, 20M is really Good to use unless your teammates go too far

  • Custion Lancer - applied to lancer + retro lancer + gl lancer - mostly the main damage resource of CM

  • Helpful headshot - a must-bring card in horde + escape that truly benefit from yours & your team


  • Suppressive Recharge - thinking in the long term when it comes to “More Health x 2.0”, frag spamming isn’t effective in killing Enemies

  • Grenades Pouch - same as above, you will waste 2 card slots when “More Health x 2.0” comes out

  • Tri-shot - not in the previous Meta when every other non-meta classes use tri-shot in horde, no damage bonus in tri-shot, it isn’t effective than using the lancer with low recoil


  • Team Repair - repair all fortifications by certain %. The hypothesis of the card is that your team isn’t always DBNO while the timing to decide when to use the ultimate is very precise. It decides on how perfect you can use the ultimate for repairing fortifications & reviving teammates & you have enough time for recharging the ultimate meanwhile your team isn’t get into trouble at all.

Hence, I do think CM is very likely a Single Method to play in terms of efficiency.


Lol that’s what I did last night but for the purpose of healing the fortifications.
I would go down at the end of the wave and heal myself lol

Pretty sure my teammates were thinking “ what an idiot monkey” :laughing:

In that case it’s alright but if someone gets slapped down by a single leech inside the base and there’s nothing else around except the team and fortifications are healthy then it’s kind of a waste. :joy:

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Thanks @Imstifu

Except for last night I haven’t ever played as CM in Horde.

I know this class is pretty tanky in Escape but it might not be the same in Horde.

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Let the suffering begin :joy:

You always own my respect as you’re a kind & skilled player at all :laughing:.

I finally added a contradiction to team repair, so that’s my overall opinion of CM.

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Helpful-headshots,Dodge,Perfect Condition,Custom Lancer

The 5th depends on the Team you’re working with.

It can be Teamrepair (not really needed with a good Engineer)
I tend to use Get-up for an Infiltrator or Overdoin it when there’s a Blademaster on the Team.

I use the GL and Lancer when there are Hybrid drones in the first 10 (or first 4 in a Frenzy)
i’ll pick up a Retro until i can buy a GL.

I do mainly use the GL-Bullets not the regular Lancer or Retro, the recoil is pretty easy to handle on the GL. While the Damage-numbers might look lower using a GL you actually do more Damage due to the easy Recoil and super fast Firing Speed.

Use GL-Bullets for Drone-types and Gl-Grenades and Bullets for Big Guys. When there’s a whole pack of Drones you might aswell use a GL-grenade for them.

NEVER fire non active Grenades as the Damage is significantly lower so it’s just a waste of Ammo.

Play next to atleast one other Player so your Helpful-headshots are actually helpful. :rofl:


Dropping a meat shield activates intervention is my favorite tip.

Horde or frenzy?

Pretty much how I’m playing it too. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the tips!

Depends how much team player you feel like being and class on your team

Like you mentioned yesterday
Team repair is good when no engi on team

You can either run the lancer dmg card or not if you want to add more perks to team revive
Always run helpful headshots

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