Share some funny stories that happened to you in tech test!

My first kill was a Enforcer headshot.:joy:
In 1 match i thought i saw Terminator character(it looked like in liquid form).
I even said it to buddy that was watching,turns out it was a bot missing his skin🤣

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No real funny stories to tell, though I really enjoy it when I perform quite nicely in Koth. I’m an Horde player, so my performance in Versus varies between horrible and sweet, so I’m enjoying it a lot if I’m dominating a round. I’ll never be a top-versus player, but it feels good to be a pain in other people’s bum.


This is a funny story actually,a Horde player dominating ranked players😁
How did you manage to do it?

I have two:

1.) My best MVP round was a game we lost 50-49. I had 24 eliminations and 15 downs.

2.) I had a fellow player whose specific skill with the torque bow was an uncanny ability to hit an opposing player directly in the crotch with their shots without fail. Seeing an opposing player running around with a sparkling crotch then exploding was funnier than you might think.

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Now you remembered me,i killed myself once with torque bow by shooting an arrow in front of my feet🤣.
I was charging it and i tried to sprint while doing it!

That is a classic love seeing that and people blowing themselves up with a boomshot.

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I even managed to blow myself up with my planted grenades in Horde😂

Me too I think I have blown myself up at least once with every explosive lol.

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The best thing was when i was trying to teach my buddy how to use a Dropshot,he dropped it right on his head.
Then i wanted to show him and i did the same thing🤣

Something came up on my TV on Friday evening (UK time). At first I thought it was a high definition picture of some dog poo. But silly me! When I took a closer look it turned out to be GOW5 Tech Test! What a silly sod I am! :wink:

Aside from that, my friendly fire episode with the new Lancer Grenade Launcher gets a worthy mention I guess. I wasted all three shots on my team mates before one of them politely pointed out that they were on my team. :expressionless:

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Was it at least 4K 60FPS?

Dunno, but it was low in fibre…


Man i didn’t even know with what to shoot in Arcade,they kept giving me the Boltok as power weapon😫

I saw a grenade and intended on rolling backwards and i got stuck in cover and died…but it wasn’t really funny to me

I found this pretty funny…

Me thinking the Lancer GL was the Salvo Launcher. And wondering what killed me

Trial and error, you learn from failing :sweat_smile:

Last weekend I had a terrific Arcade match that involved a teammate getting chainsawed by an enemy, the enemy getting chainsawed by an ally, who got chainsawed by an enemy, who got chainsawed by me.

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